Interview with Greg Howe
Greg Howe is one of the most influential players in the world of modern guitar. Having received huge attention with his first self-titled album from Shrapnel Records in 1988 and setting new standards for instrumental guitar with “Introspection” in the early 90s, he has continued to release astounding solo guitar records, featuring his unique rock-fusion tone, incredible technique and intricate rhythms. At the same time, he has recorded and toured with numerous artists in the rock, fusion and pop world, including Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Richie Kotzen, Dennis Chambers and Victor Wooten. We caught up with him a few weeks after his amazing masterclass at the Guitar Institute in London.
Interview with Michael Romeo - Symphony X
Michael Romeo is one of the most renowned shredders of the 21st Century. After putting out an instrumental EP called "The Dark Chapter" he formed the famous progressive metal band Symphony X in the States and started putting out albums and building up a huge fanbase. Michael has also done an instructional DVD with Young Guitar Magazine in Japan called "The Guitar Chapter". We caught up with him in London at the "La Scala" venue where Symphony X had an amazing show.
Interview with David Wallimann
Anyone browsing the internet looking for anything to do with guitars would have come across this name - David Wallimann. His distinctive sense of humour immediately captures the audience promising an entertaining session. But make no mistake; this guy is as serious as they get. His accomplishments when it comes to guitar skill, composing music or teaching guitar speak for themselves. He is a recognised recording artist, guitar instructor with over 200 guitar lessons under his belt, 4000 subscribers on YouTube and he runs a successful website offering backing tracks to public. So why is this man so much in your face? Let’s find out...
Interview with Anthimos Manti
Anthimos Manti is one of Greece’s top rock/shred guitar players, having worked alongside many established musicians and with two solo releases under his belt. His latest album “Time to Turn”, a blend of funk, rock and shred guitar with catchy melodies, has received excellent reviews so far. We caught up with him shortly after his performance as the support act for Paul Gilbert…
Interview with Marcel Coenen
Marcel Coenen is a Metal guitarist from the Netherlands. He has had a career of over 20 years as a teacher, songwriter and performer. He has collaborated with people like Bob Katsionis (Firewind/Outloud) Mistheria (Artension/Emir Hot/Mistheria) and many others. He also has under his belt nearly 10 studio albums with different bands, instructional DVD’s and signature guitar models. He is currently signed to Lion Music. We caught up with him to tell us some more information about his career.
Interview with Terence Hansen
Terence Hansen’s style is unique because he plays two guitars at the same time while singing. His album, Songs For Two Guitars, is a showcase of his songwriting and performance skills in this context. He performs using a tapping technique where the bass and rhythm guitar are played by the left hand and the lead guitar, piano, strings, organ, Rhodes etc. are tapped by the right hand guitar and layered with a guitar synthesizer. He has performed all over the U.S. and Europe with artists such as Human Rights, Robert Palmer, Jennifer Batten, Fates Warning, Jonathan Edwards, Keith Urban, Morgan Cryer, and Gary Hoey. Terence has also been a columnist for JAM Magazine, a songwriting coach for Singing For Success ‘03-‘04,  a mentor for Season for Non-Violence song camp ‘07, a musical director for Progressive Insights guided meditation/relaxation program, film scorer for the full-length feature film Nightfall and he has played on and produced scores of records, commercials, bands, and poets. He was recently the Music Director for Paul Green’s Rock School in SLC, and now is directing the year-round show band for the school. He has also presented product and educational clinics for: Lexicon, Digitech, Stephens Amps, Starsmith Music, Musicians Friend, Abel Axe Guitars, Singing For Success, Summer Jam, Music Garage, Vocal Boot Camp, and the Music Factory.
Interview with Mattias
Mattias "IA" Eklundh is an incredibly talented guitar player from Sweden. Finding his own voice on the instrument made him go around the world, sign to Favored Nations record label (Steve Vai's label), have his own signature Caparison guitar model, run the Freak Guitar camp and get recognized as unique and Identifiable player of the 21st century. We caught up with him to ask him about his music career and his steps all the way to the road less traveled.
Interview with Damjan Pejcinoski - Young Emerging Star
Michael Angelo Batio: “Damjan is quite possibly the best new guitar talent I have seen and heard. He has absolutely amazing technique and plays with confidence and maturity. He is definitely one of the new, young emerging guitar stars.”

Comments like these you don’t hear that often. And when you do, you take notice. So, let’s find out from the man himself what it means to him to be afforded such praise, whether he takes it as a burden or as an encouragement, and what consequences it has for his career.
Interview with Richie Kotzen
Richie Kotzen is a guitar virtuoso with a huge career behind him. He played in Poison and Mr. Big as a rocker and with Stanley Clarke and Lenny White as a fusion player. He released an REH instructional VHS in the late 80s, 20 solo albums and toured all over the world playing big Clubs, theaters and arenas. We got the chance to catch up with him in London's O2 Academy in Islington before his show and asked him about his musical journey.

Who Is Laurie Monk?

Who Is Laurie Monk?
Live4guitar launched in early August 2010 by a handful of guitar enthusiasts who decided to come out and tell the world about their passion for guitar. They were hoping that others would join them, so their voice would become stronger, louder and further reaching. To their surprise, a shout became a roar not least thanks to the utterly unexpected attention of the greatest champion of guitar mastery – Laurie Monk from

Laurie kept an eye on our activities from day one and finally at our first live event we got to meet him in person. He kindly agreed to tell us a little about himself.
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