Interview with Marco Sfogli

Anyone who follows the huge ocean of world's top class instrumental guitarists must have heard of this amazing Italian virtuoso. The list of musicians he worked with is mind blowing. James LaBrie, Jordan Rudess, Virgil Donati, John Macaluso, Adam Nitti, Matt Guillory, Peter Wichers, Peter Wildoer, Ray Riendeau, Mike Mangini, Bryan Beller and many more. Recently I've had a chance to meet Marco at "Klavitara Zagreb Festival" where we performed together among many other great musicians. We arranged this interview so here it is.

Video Interview With John Wheatcroft

We are privileged to bring you an exclusive interview with John Wheatcroft, one of the most versatile British guitarist, head of guitar at "Tech Music School" in London and regular contributor "Guitar World" (USA), "Guitarist" and "Guitar Techniques" magazines. John talks about his beginnings, teaching, outlook on music while showing us some tasty licks and explaining secrets behind understanding modes, a subject covered by many, but still difficult to grasp by some. We are also proud that John has recently joined Live4guitar as a regular contributor, so stay tuned for more articles from him. Now let’s dip into the mind of one of the busiest and most dedicated guy to this beautiful instrument.

Interview With Martin Goulding

Since graduating from G.I.T (London) in 1993, Martin has worked professionally as a guitar player and teacher, joining the faculty of the prestigious Guitar Institute in 1998 where he is currently the course writer and specialist in Higher Diploma/Degree level Modern Rock studies. Martin has worked as a regular monthly columnist for Guitar Techniques (UK) magazine and Guitar World (USA) as well as online magazine The Sound, specialising in advanced Rock/Metal techniques as well as course leader and clinician for the International Guitar Foundation summer schools. Martin has recently joined Live4guitar as an instructor so we got a chance to ask him some questions about his career, interests, passion and stuff....

Interview with Kee Marcello

Kee Marcello, Swedish guitar hero, best known as the former guitarist in the rock band Europe

With his technique and melodic sense he inspired many players since the release of "Superstitious" back in the late '80s. Now Kee has a new band and a new solo album coming out. He told us about his current and future plans, including his autobiography, and why he is not playing with Europe anymore. 


Interview with Nili Brosh

Interview with Nili Brosh

Nili Brosh hardly needs an introduction.

For those who haven’t yet seen any of the YouTube videos or numerous posts in both real and virtual press, let’s just say... Good morning. You have just awakened from a long, long sleep...

For the rest of us, let’s try to find out a little more about some less obvious aspects of this young rising star.

Interview with Nita Strauss - Guitarist of Iron Maidens and Consume The Fire

We are all used to seeing gorgeous girls posing with beautifully crafted, highly polished guitars on advertising posters and magazine covers. No doubt these are nice to look at, but do we expect these babes to be able to play? Perhaps not. Would we even give them time of the day?


Enter Nita Strauss...

Not only does this girl have the looks and the moves, but she has the skill and the acumen to make it, in what is almost exclusively, the man’s world.

Interview with Gus G - The guitarist of Ozzy and Firewind

Gus G. is a guitar prodigy from Greece. Well known for his services as the axe man behind Ozzy Osbourne since 2010 and the mastermind behind the Greek heavy metal band Firewind. Endorsed and having signature models by the most prestigious companies of the 21st century including ESP guitars, Blackstar amps and Elixir strings to name a few, awarded with the "Best Shredder" award at Metal Hammer Golden Gods ceremony  in 2011, Gus is talking to us about his experience with Ozzy and the 7th Firewind studio album due to be released on May 21st in Europe and May 22nd in US and Canada.

Interview with Michael Greenfield
The world of building guitars, or luthiery, is one full of competition. There are guys all over the world that will build you a guitar to your specifications for a variety of prices, and I only see this as a good thing. The downside can be seen when you draw a parallel to any other craft, most people can change a fuse in a plug, but it doesn't mean you'd hire them as an electrician. I cook my dinner everynight, but you wouldn't pay me to cook for you. I've watched CSI, but I'm not a forensic investigator. Building guitars is the same, just because you can put some pickups in a piece of wood, it doesn't make you an artist.
Interview with Frank Gambale
For many, "Fusion" is the buzz word of the day on our scene. It seems that everyone and their dog spend their days shreding over Am7 to Cm7 vamps and thinking their part of this new wave of player. Sadly this isn't the case, fusion has a LONG rich history dating back over 40 years (Miles David "Bitches Brew" anyone?). One of the biggest names on the fusion scene is Chick Corea. Chick's first real foray into fusion was with his band "Return To Forever" before making real waves with his "Elektric Band" which would eventually feature Frank Gambale.
Interview with Tommy Emmanuel
Tommy Emmanuel is nothing short of an enigma. He's one of the most sublime guitarists I've ever listened to and that's probably because unlike most guitarists with technique to die for, Tommy chooses to use his powers for good (music) rather than evil (self indulgence). You could think of him as a superhero, setting an example for us all and reminding us why we started playing in the first place. Perhaps Tommy is the hero Jerry Reed was singing about, he's our swinging little Guitar Man! Tommy's skills haven't gone unnoticed though and he's one of only 4 players given the title C.G.P. (Certified Guitar Player) by the legendary Chet Atkins.
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