Live4guitar's first live event, truly a night to remember! The event happened at a stylish London venue in the best possible style: some face to face chat, a bit of live music, a few drinks... and of course, the announcement of the new website.
Contrary to a convention that one should be fashionably late, everyone was unfashionably early. The atmosphere was incredibly calm and laid back (as if a large family had got together!) although most people hadn't met each another before. It was so good to put names to all those faces. There was quite a high calibre of skill and talent in the room, but what struck me was that there was no “sizing up”, grouping or pretence of any kind.
Live4guitar first live event
This Saturday 16th October Live4guitar is going live. Instead of sitting at our computers we are going to get together at a London venue for some face to face chat, a bit of live music, a few drinks and an announcement.

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Shamray guitars

Shamray guitars
Behind the Iron curtain, it was always hard to rock hard. Finding a good instrument was a kind of adventure and adding a certain amount of intrigue every time a local musician would show up with a genuine Fender or Gibson and one could always tell he was “well connected". Bulgarian, Eastern Germany and Check guitars were considered imported instruments and although they were visually good replicas of their western twins, they were far cry from a good quality instruments. In 1988 when a local Moscow luthier started to sell his guitars under the name of Russtone, things began to change.
To practise or not to practise... that is the question
How many times have you asked yourself this Shakespearian question? We are not always in the mood for practising.

This is what happens... we set aside time for practising, but we just don’t feel like it. I think you are all familiar with the situation.
Let’s wind the clock back and remember the time when you were learning first cords, first licks, first scales... How did you feel then? Was there a burning desire to improve? To discover this illusive “something”, “The Guitarists’ El Dorado”? Or was practising just another chore that had to be completed in order to fulfil the task?
10 Useful Websites for Guitarists
There are tons of guitar related websites on the internet. I found that very few have content easy to understand, nicely organised and worth checking out. Today I made a list of 10 useful sites that I found very interesting, educational and easy to navigate. Most of them have free content so I hope you will enjoy your time when you visit them.
24th of July, a hot sunny day in London, LIVE4GUITAR forgot about everything else and headed to Victoria Park, in Mile End, to attend High Voltage Festival. Despite it being a weekend with the usual tube line closures and blistering heat, managed to get there in good time and experience a great event!
While My Amp Gently Weeps - All you want to know about guitar amplifiers (Part 1) - Introduction
Most of us remember the first time we heard the sound of an electric guitar. I don’t know about you, but that delightful sound made me dance ever since I was a child. Being a musician, electronics technician, repairman and finally a guitar amp builder, I have always been fascinated with specific details in relation to guitar music, the contribution this type of a sound makes to music and its important role in music in general.
Live for guitar? A week's gone by...
Yes indeed. During the last week we had more than 750 unique visits from 45 countries (nearly 2000 in total). Thank you all for coming. Thank you for your encouragement and support. We would like to see all of you in our forum and hear your suggestions on how to make you feel even more at home.
An introduction to pickups
Guitar pickups are transducers. Their function is converting string vibrations into electric signal. The two most common types of pickups are Magnetic and Piezo. This article will give you a basic idea of how pickups work and what kinds of sounds are produced by different types of pickups.

Live for guitar?

Live for guitar?
Welcome! This is not a club, or a bar, or a stage, or a shop. You don’t need to pay for membership; you don’t need to conform, or perform, or buy anything. You just need to want to be here... to share your love, your questions, your knowledge, your enthusiasm, your tips, your concerns, your joy and your pride in the instrument we live for.
Lick of the week no. 36 - Country lick A7 by Hamo Salihbegovic
Lick of the week
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