5th Live4guitar competition - 1 day left
Hi. 5th competition is reaching the end. You have 1 more day to submit your take. There are 7 takes so far, hopefully there will be more before the end. Judges are now confirmed and will publish their results within the next 7 days.
5th Live4guitar competition
Are you ready to rock? Here we are, ready to launch the 5th Live4guitar competition. This time we have something more interesting and more challenging for you with some great prizes. Ever heard of Muris Varajic? Know his amazing technique? Now it's your turn to give it a go.
4th Live4guitar competition - Results
Finally we have the results. Sorry for the delay. We've been waiting for busy judges to send their votes. Read on...
4th Live4guitar competition - Closing tonight
We have reached the last day of the competition. There are 48 video responses so far and you still have time to submit your take by midnight (UK time). The judges are now confirmed and the results will be published soon. We have more judges this time which will make the whole thing more fair as everyone is a different style guitarist.
4th Live4guitar competition
Hi everybody. Here is the 4th competition with more cool prizes and quite simple backing track suitable for any style of playing. This backing track was created by David Wallimann who runs guitarplayback.com. This website will give bundle of 100 backing tracks for the 2nd place. 1st place will get SKYVOX (2 channels overdrive pedal) exclusively hand made for this competition, and the 3rd place will get Korg CA 40 chromatic tuner plus a very useful book "The guitarist's guide to set-up and maintenance". All 3 will get Live4guitar t-shirt as always.
3rd Live4guitar competition - Results
Hi everyone. It's been a very interesting month and now we have the results. 67 entries were submitted of which 22 received points. Out of those 22 we have the top 3.
3rd Live4guitar competition - Closed
We have reached the end of the 3nd competition. There are 67 video responses and we are very pleased with the quality of playing. The judges are now confirmed and the results will be published in 7 days.

Good luck everybody.
3rd Live4guitar competition
Hi all. We've got something cool to keep you busy over the upcoming holidays. Here is the 3rd competition with even more exciting prizes and backing track. This time we have the famous theme from the "Godfather" for you to play it your own way. Again maestro Dragianni created the track. The prizes are now a bit more expensive. That's our Christmas and New Year present for 3 best takes. 1st place will get Dean ML XM guitar shipped directly from Dean, 2nd place will get Ampitube iRig and the 3rd place will get many useful things for the guitar (capo, srtings, the swipe, 5m lead). All 3 will get Live4guitar t-shirt as always.

Enjoy the backing and happy holidays.

2nd Live4guitar competition - Results
Hi everyone. After a week of difficult but interesting judging work, we now have the results. There were 35 entries of which 22 received points. There were some really great takes and thanks everyone for submiting their entry.
2nd Live4guitar competition - 3 days left
We almost reached the end of the 2nd competition. We're happy to see that more takes have been submited in the last couple of days. 19 video responses so far and 3 days left. The judges are now confirmed. Good luck everybody.
Lick of the week no. 36 - Country lick A7 by Hamo Salihbegovic
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