7th Live4guitar competition - Results

Hi everybody. Big sorry for the delay. Some of our judges were busy and we were waiting for the results a bit longer. Anyway we have the winners and congratulations to everybody who contributed.

Also big thanks to Intex Cables for sponsoring this competition.

7th Live4guitar competition - 2 days left
Hi everyone. 7th Live4guitar competition is reaching the end. You have a few more days to submit your take. There are 19 takes so far, hopefully there will be a few more before the end. Judges are now confirmed and will publish their results 7 days after the deadline.
7th Live4guitar competition

We are back with the new exciting competition and chance to win stuff worth $400. The big sponsor of this competition is "Intex Cables" which we reviewed last year.

This time we are paying tribute to one of the most influential guitarists - Gary Moore. The track is in style of Gary's famous ballads where everybody can enjoy improvising over. Thanks to Dragianni who made this awesome track

Omis Guitar Fest 2012
The 3rd Omis Guitar Festival is upon us. Following the success of two previous events, the organisers are promising that this year’s festival will be bigger and better. They even secured the patronage of none other but the president of Croatia, Mr Ivo Josipovic.


Lick of the week no. 23 - String Skipping/Tapping
The 'Lick of the Week' string skipping/tapping lick is taken from Phil Braithwaite's 'Outside Lines' guitar lesson. This lick is inspired by guitarists such as Nuno Bettencourt and Tony Macalpine. The idea behind this lick is that it progressively becomes more 'out' as it goes on. The reason for this is that it is played in a cycle of fourths.
Writing Guitar Harmonies - part 2
The previous article focussed on the basic approach to writing harmonies, in this one we will look at some more progressive examples.
Interview with Michael Greenfield
The world of building guitars, or luthiery, is one full of competition. There are guys all over the world that will build you a guitar to your specifications for a variety of prices, and I only see this as a good thing. The downside can be seen when you draw a parallel to any other craft, most people can change a fuse in a plug, but it doesn't mean you'd hire them as an electrician. I cook my dinner everynight, but you wouldn't pay me to cook for you. I've watched CSI, but I'm not a forensic investigator. Building guitars is the same, just because you can put some pickups in a piece of wood, it doesn't make you an artist.
Voicing and Re-Voicing Quartal Harmony
Quartal Harmony is something that has been around for centuries. One of the earliest uses of it was by composers such as Frederic Copin and Franz List in the 1800’s. It became more common place in modern music through jazz pianists such as Bill Evans, McCoy Tyner, Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock. Jazz guitarists such as Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass and George Benson soon picked it up and started using it in their own playing.
Writing Guitar Harmonies - part 1
In this article I am going to give examples of different approaches to writing guitar harmonies. I feel this is an often overlooked aspect of writing but of course you need a band with two guitarists to be able to pull it off live. This should give you some ideas on how to add new textures to your own compositions.
Marketplace update - Instructors accounts and lesson prices

It’s been more than a year since we launched the guitar lessons marketplace. We created a platform where anyone who is able to produce quality guitar lessons can set up a stall, offering benefits of their skill and wisdom to a guitar knowledge seeking public.

We set up a rigid structure for the standard of guitar lessons to insure high quality of instructional material and low cost for the users.

The take up for a position of instructor seemed to be greater than the ability to produce lessons.

In order to avoid overcrowding of our data base we have been obliged to amend the paragraph 14 of our terms and conditions.

Lick of the week no. 36 - Country lick A7 by Hamo Salihbegovic
Lick of the week
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