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We have some good news. Now there is a new category at The Guitar Lesson Marketplace. After receiving countless enquiries, both from students and prospective instructors, we decided that free guitar lessons should be made available at the marketplace. Although the idea of free video lessons is not new at Live4guitar, It made sense to group all video lessons in one place.

Lutherie is an art. The art of converting the soulless wood to a miracle that can speak to you, sing to you and travel your emotions. Lutherie is a science, taught in universities, but there are many things that cannot be taught. The luthier through his intuition can put his trademark to his own creations. It’s not only an art of visible things. The most fascinating is that it is an art of invisible things, ”seen” only by senses. Welcome to this incredible world. My article refers to my latest construction of a Les Paul style guitar with some differences from the original, and it is named so because of the feeling created by the top. Invisible vision! So, let’s get started.
Interview with Michael Dolce

So who is this Michael Dolce chap then? Well read on and you’ll probably realise he’s much like Roy Buchanan in the sense that he’s probably the greatest guitar player you’ve never heard of... and yes, he plays a tele too. Michael lives out in Australia and for over 20 years he’s be tearing up the session scene and been the go to guy for many top 10 artists when they need a world class touring guitarist. Just recently he placed 11th in Guitarist Magazine’s reader poll for the top 25 Australian guitar players. His debut solo album “Everything Til Now” was released just a year ago and has gone down a treat with us here at Live4Guitar because of its focus on the music and not the technique, but don’t let that fool you – Michael can burn with the best of them, so go check him out on youtube.


MonkeyFest 2011

MonkeyFest 2011
Monkey Fest - “The Monkey Lord” or Rob “Chappers” as he's also known, managed to pull it off this year with some help from his manager, Dan Davies, and several generous sponsors such as Marshall Amplifiers, Blackstar Amps and Andertons Music. The festival, which is the first of its kind, was held at the Bisley Pavilion, near Guildford in England, and features: a camp site, a hall (where the stage was set) and several shooting ranges that provided us with an early wakeup call each morning. Over 250 people attended - some coming from as far as Denmark and Canada to gorge themselves on the endless supply of tasty notes coming from the jam-packed stage. Several artists shared their musical knowledge with the audience, not something that you come across often at festivals, but this festival was about learning and interacting, and not just about watching and idolising. There are too many talented musicians for us to mention them all but we'll do our best.
Lick of the week no. 16 - Fusion Lick in G minor
The lick here is a Fusion lick that makes use of several techniques over a G Minor backing track. The main techniques used include economy picking and legato.
Interview with Michael Watts of The North American Guitar
Michael Watts is the manager of The North American Guitar, a company that deals in the finest luthier built guitars available. He is also an award-winning player and has appeared with some of the biggest names in the acoustic scene today.
Minor Pentatonics Sweeping
Sweep picking (i.e. two or more pick strokes in the same direction on adjacent strings), is typically associated with arpeggios but can also be used to play scales more efficiently. This lesson will focus on sweep picking pentatonic scales but the process can be adapted to any scale. While this lesson will cover some initial steps, familiarity with sweep picking technique will help you to proces this material more quickly. If you're unfamiliar with sweep picking, Frank Gambale's books or DVDs may be a great place to start.
5th Live4guitar competition - Results
Hi all. This is our 100th article and we are proudly publishing results of the 5th competition. There were 9 takes as this was a difficult one but all the takes were really good.
5th Live4guitar competition - 1 day left
Hi. 5th competition is reaching the end. You have 1 more day to submit your take. There are 7 takes so far, hopefully there will be more before the end. Judges are now confirmed and will publish their results within the next 7 days.
Interview: FNH Guitars - By Players for Players
While companies run amok selling $4000 dollar mass produced versions of their signature guitars – FNH guitars has been quietly perfecting custom hand-made electrics in the Northeastern USA at a price-point normally associated with Asian imports. I recently caught up with Chris Fitzpatrick and John Harper (the F and H in FNH guitars) and found out more about the concept behind both FNH and their instruments.
Lick of the week no. 36 - Country lick A7 by Hamo Salihbegovic
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