How to create a professional guitar video - Part 1
There are many things in this life that have changed the world, for our generation the internet and, more specifically, Youtube have completely altered the way guitar players can expose and market themselves.

I'm sure you've seen plenty, all you need to do is watch the responses to competitions and you can divide them into two camps - professional and DIY.

In this series we'll be showing you how to make a video which will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Lick of the week no. 19 - Boogie in A

Hi everybody. This time we have something cool derived out of the position 2 in A blues scale. We're playing over a blues boogie in A, so this lick would fit perfectly in something like Joe Satriani's "Satch Boogie"

We've also included a teaser showing you exactly how to produce a professional quality recording. This will be live in a few short days, so make sure you come by and learn how to take your videos to the next level and join the Live4Guitar marketplace.

Levi Clay - Bop 'n' Roll Part 2
Hopefully you've had chance to digest the last column and you're ready to get a little bit more outside. After the last article I received some really great feedback from some of the readers with suggestions of what they would like more to cover in the coming instalments.

One of the most popular questions was "What scales are used in bebop?" As with any style of music there's a lot more to it than that, in fact you may have opened a can of worms here, but I give you "The Bebop Dominant Scale"

6th Live4guitar competition - Results

It's been a very interesting month and now we have the results of the 6th Live4guitar competition. We've had 47 video responses of which 18 received points. Out of those 18 we have the top 3.

Big thanks to Neck Diagrams Software for sponsoring this competition.


Sanyo Pedal Juice

Sanyo Pedal Juice
The Sanyo Pedal Juice a power supply pedal that runs from a 9v rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery contained within the pedal. You'll then be able to run a huge chain of 9v pedals directly from the pedal for seemingly limitless hours.

This one is definitely worth a look as a tool for convenience, an investment and even an upgrade for a mains supply unit. So let's look a little deeper into this absolute gem and see if it's the one for you.

Lick of the week no. 18 - Lydian Pentatonic
This lick of the week focuses on the Lydian pentatonic. We are in the key of G Major scale and we are using the IV Mode starting from the 4th note of the G Major scale.

Check it out

The II-V-I Explained - Part 1
As a guitar player, you may have come across the expression "2-5-1" before. If you're coming from a Jazz, or perhaps even Blues background, this phrase might sound familiar. If, however, you come from a more Rock oriented musical upbringing, this term might sound mysterious or confusing. This article should hopefully give you a decent understanding of what "2-5-1" means and how to incorporate it in your playing.
Levi Clay - Bop 'n' Roll Part 1
Bop 'n' Roll is the new series written by Live4Guitar team member Levi Clay. Over the coming months Levi will introduce you to various soloing concepts that will help bring a new twist to your playing - the swinging sounds of bebop.

There's no avoiding the fact that Jazz Fusion has made a solid comeback in recent years. Thanks to the rise of players like Guthrie Govan and Tom Quayle, mixed with the ease of communication and sharing via social networks like Youtube and Facebook - suddenly all of these sounds are just a few clicks away. Read on and i'll show you some full on bebop style licks.

Interview with Inme
The year is 2002, and Kerrang! Tv and the rock channels of the day (MTV2 anyone?) are flooded with a very strange blend of rock and metal – on one hand you had the great metal of the day including Killswitch Engage’s “My Last Serenade” is getting regular play, then that middle of the road grunge band Puddle of Mudd are doing well with “Blurry” and of course Tenacious D are setting trends with “Tribute”.... enter Inme, the trio of Essex lads who are still in their teens and the monumental single “Underdose”, It certainly made an impression on the youth of the day.
6th Live4guitar competition - 1 day left
Hieveryone. 6th Live4guitar competition is reaching the end. You have a few more seconds to submit your take. To be precise - until midnight GMT +0 (Greenwich time). There are 45 takes so far, hopefully there will be a few more before the end. Judges are now confirmed and will publish their results within the next 7 days.
Lick of the week no. 36 - Country lick A7 by Hamo Salihbegovic
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