Daddo Oreskovich

Daddo Oreskovich

Daddo graduated at Berklee in 2004, with a degree in Guitar Performance. One of Daddo’s unique musical abilities is formulating cohesive and expressive compositions, which ultimately represent Daddo’s personality and background. He incorporates classical and traditional Eastern European music elements and instrumentation with classical and modern progressive sonic expression.

In 2008 Daddo won 1st runner-up prize on a national guitar competition “Guitar Superstar” hosted by Guitar Player magazine. Among the judges were prominent guitarist Joe Satriani, George Lynch and Steve Vai. The show was hosted by Police guitarist Andy Summers.

Daddo is the 1st place winner of on-line guitar contest Premier Guitar Challenge hosted by Broadjam andPremier Guitar magazine.

November 12 2009. Avalon Theater, Hollywood, California -> Daddo is the winner of very prestigious award for independent musicians in United States

- Los Angeles Music Award, in Guitar Performance of the Year category.

Daddo's Youtube Channel

Daddo's guitar lessons on L4g Marketplace

ampLion Pro and GK Amplification 2 Pro

ampLion Pro is “All-in-one” guitar software for Mac & PC. It is a multi-tool for recording, composing, practice and live performance. Pro version features 9 guitar preamps, 7 power amps, 8 microphones and 30 effects. App can be used as a stand-alone and as a plugin in you DAW.

Positive Grid - BIAS FX

Hallo guitar nation. Today I am presenting BIAS FX, new app developed by Positive Grid. They simply never stop with innovations and writing better and better program code for guitarists and bass players using iOS and desktop Mac & Windows platforms. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard they are preparing BIAS FX. I thought to myself: “Wow, can it get any better than BIAS or JamUp XT”? It sure can.


JamUp XT 3.5.0

JamUp XT 3.5.0

On 9th June 2014, Positive Grid released the new 3.5 update for its flagship app JamUp XT. This is a massive update with new features: Integration of BIAS amp patch into JamUp, redesigned graphical interface, Preset Manager, Dropbox support and 3 new expansion packs.

Extended Range Guitars for Beginners and the ones who dare

Hallo guitar fans. Most of you are already familiar with a term extended range guitar. Most people would define extended range guitar as any guitar that has broader range of a frequency spectrum, or it's tuned higher and/or lower than the usual standard low E to high E tuning. What is standard today? For example, Russians have 7 string classical guitar since 18th century. Some of these guitars had up to 11 or 12 strings, with 7 fretted strings and 4-5 unfretted bass strings. They considered 7 string standard by their criteria back in the day...

BIAS for iPhone

Greetings guitar fans.

Few months ago we have reviewed the BIAS for iPad. This month we are happy to announce that Positive Grid has adapted a program code for an iPhone (4S and above) and iPod touch (5 and above). I was so excited to test the Beta version few weeks ago and I was truly impressed with being able to tweak everything on my iPhone 5 touch screen. Now the final release version is ready to fire up your iOS device. BIAS for iPhone can be flawlessly integrated with JamUp XT as well and vice versa.

TWA - Fly Boys Mini Pedals

Hallo guitar fans. Today we are presenting TWA™ - Fly Boys™ guitar pedals by Godlyke Distributing Inc.

We received 5 ultra compact mini pedals with very eye-catching packaging, features and great sound. This mini pedal size is a great addition to any crowded pedal board. Even if you design the brand new pedalboard, you will be able to fit more pedals in.

It comes very handy for a traveling musician as well, because there is no need for very big and heavy pedalboards on the road.

Positive Grid - BIAS

Hallo guitar fans. This month we are presenting the latest game changer app for iPad called "BIAS". As you may know, Positive Grid is a developer of one of the best iOS guitar apps Jam Up XT Pro which we have reviewed recently. This time they went ahead of the game and completely revolutionized guitar amp modeler market.

JamUp XT Review

Hallo guitar fans. This month I am presenting JamUp XT Pro iOS app developed by Positive Grid. This is not only one of the best guitar amp simulators out there in my own opinion, it is much more than that.

Lick of the week no. 29 - 4 Cool Rock/Blues Licks (every guitarist should know)

Hi guys. This is my first post on this website and I am giving you a free "Lick of the Week" which includes 4 rock/blues licks that every guitarist should know. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Lick of the week no. 36 - Country lick A7 by Hamo Salihbegovic
Lick of the week
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