Scott Collins

Scott Collins

Having received his undergraduate degree in composition from the Berklee College of Music and a graduate degree in guitar performance from CalArts, Scott Collins is a guitarist who performs a wide range of western and non-western music on fretted and fretless instruments. He is a featured baglama (Turkish lute) performer on the Sony Playstation, “God of War 2” video game.

In addition to numerous live performances, he has toured in both the U.S. and Germany, performed in the world premier of composer Glenn Branca’s “Hallucination City”, the U.S. premier of composer Tim Brady’s, “Twenty Quarter Inch Jacks” and co-composed and performed the thematically improvised score for the About Productions stage adaptation of Norman Klein’s “Bleeding Through” with Vinny Golia.

Scott is committed to an art of real time composition he calls GuitArchitecture. When not performing improvised loop based solo guitar performances, he is a member of several projects including The Rough Hewn Trio with Warr Guitarist Chris Lavender and Craig Bunch, Duodenum, an improvising duo with Carmina Escobar that specializes in silent film accompaniment and OniBaba (with Daren Burns, Vinny Golia, George McMullin and Craig Bunch).

A guitar teacher with an active teaching schedule, Scott is the author of “Symmetrical Twelve-Tone Patterns for Improvisation”, and is currently working on a pedagogical/reference series about GuitArchitecture that will cover multiple volumes to be released over 2011-2013.

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Minor Pentatonics Sweeping
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