Glenn Newton

Glenn Newton
Glenn Newton runs Newtech Guitar Services, which is a set up/repair/modification service for Guitars. He lovingly takes up anything from standard instrument set up, fretwork, levelling to any electrical problem, modifications, and paint jobs. Along side this he builds electric guitars from top end parts, and will very soon be offering full builds from scratch. These are under his Newton Custom brand from a newly fitted out workshop and customised tools insuring a first class service.
Diary of a repair man - Gibson Firebird Neck Break

Sorry guys, its been a while i know. Work expansion has left me busy, so not much time to write.

Thought i would show you a neckbreak repair that i did a while back, as it wasn’t as straightforward as most breaks to put right. Neckbreaks, or the more likely Headstock breaks. Is there anything worse that can happen to your guitar?

Diary of a repair man - Fender Performer
The Performer is a very unique model, made for one year only (1985-86), and was built in Japan. It was introduced in the transition period from the CBS owned Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company to the new privately owned Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. The unusual body and headstock shapes are rumored to have originated in the shape of the scrap wood leftover from making Japanese Strats. The design of the body horns is clearly based on the flat portion of the back of the Stratocaster body.
Diary of a repair man - Les Paul x 2
I had two Les Paul guitars come in this month, both very different but both with playability issues. Decided to show you both as its a good reference of an expensive original model and cheaper copy.
Diary of a repair man - Gibson L6-S Solidbody
Had this guitar come in for a total refret and some other work. Basically the guitar had been made completely unplayable due to a previous owner filing all the frets flat and messing with the bridge and nut.

The L6 is an odd guitar, while not considered rare, they do have a following as a limited and unique Gibson model. Made only from 1973- 1980 and never since reissued, they were based around the L5 jazz guitar and featured that models rotary pickup control, and unique for a Gibson, a 24 fret neck.

I dated this guitar through its pots and serial number to be a 1976 model.
Diary of a repair man - repairing IBANEZ   RGT–320QRBB
Just had a beautiful guitar come through the repair shop for a set up and pickup swap, thought i would share it with you. A New customer of mine had just picked it up, and in his own words, didn’t have a clue what type it was, and said he bought it on looks alone!
Lick of the week no. 36 - Country lick A7 by Hamo Salihbegovic
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