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Yngwie Malmsteen is undoubtedly the most inspiring guitarist when it comes to the neoclassical style of guitar playing. I don't know any single neoclassical fan that doesn't put Yngwie at the top of their list. He was a huge inspiration to me when I was discovering this style of playing. After he released his first solo album, the new guitar revolution had started and guitar playing wasn't the same anymore. He introduced a kickass technique with arpeggios, picking and catchy melodies mixed into rock, metal and baroque style, all played extremely fast. Some guitarists inroduced similar playing before Yngwie but when he came onto the scene, everyone got addicted. I trully recommend his masterpieces: Rising Force, Odyssey, Trilogy, Seventh Sign... All these albums completely changed my way of playing guitar so I decided to show you some of my favorite Yngwie licks and I hope that neoclassical fans will find it useful.



Lick 1


Lick 2


Lick 3


Lick 4


Lick 5


Lick 6


Lick 7


Lick 8


Lick 9


Lick 10


Lick 11


Lick 12


Lick 13


Lick 14


Lick 15


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