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It’s been more than a year since we launched the guitar lessons marketplace. We created a platform where anyone who is able to produce quality guitar lessons can set up a stall, offering benefits of their skill and wisdom to a guitar knowledge seeking public.

We set up a rigid structure for the standard of guitar lessons to insure high quality of instructional material and low cost for the users.

The take up for a position of instructor seemed to be greater than the ability to produce lessons.

In order to avoid overcrowding of our data base we have been obliged to amend the paragraph 14 of our terms and conditions.


The new clause requires all guitar instructors to upload their first content within two weeks of having their Instructor/author account approved. Missing this deadline will result in automatic reversal of their account to a member’s account. In that case a fresh application will be required.

Having had a lot of feedback from both students and instructors, regarding the pricing policy we have decided to increase the prices of guitar lessons across the board. All the products on offer will remain excellent value for money and very competitive with similar products online.

The extra contribution will go some way towards rewarding instructors for their hard work and enabling Live4guitar to continue with our mission. We are constantly working on new and exciting ideas, so watch this space...

'till then, rock on \m/