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Live4guitar's first live event, truly a night to remember!

The event happened at a stylish London venue in the best possible style: some face to face chat, a bit of live music, a few drinks... and of course, the announcement of the new website. Contrary to a convention that one should be fashionably late, everyone was unfashionably early.




The atmosphere was incredibly calm and laid back (as if a large family had got together!) although most people hadn't met each another before. It was so good to put names to all those faces. There was quite a high calibre of skill and talent in the room, but what struck me was that there was no “sizing up”, grouping or pretence of any kind. 

We were extremely pleased to play host to Laurie Monk, from "Truth in Shredding", who recorded the whole event. Watching him work was really great. I could tell he was enjoying himself as the face behind the camera would spontaneously crack a grin every time the guitar produced a magical lick.

Laurie Monk


Pat Cash, former Wimbledon champion and a keen guitarist attended with his two sons, Shannon (LordCashFlow) and Jett, who also decided to join us.

Pat Cash with his family, George "GT" Stergiou, Emir Hot


Martin Goulding from The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance was also present. He was impressed with our efforts. I sense a fruitful collaboration coming up in the future!

Emir Hot opened the evening with a few words and let George “gt” take over with his emotional intro, followed by two of his numbers perfectly executed in true Rock fashion.

Emir Hot


George GT Stergiou - My View


I managed to put a few words in about the ideas behind the Live4guitar project.



Next, Muris Varajic and Emir Hot took to the stage...

Their performance was jaw dropping. I took more pleasure in watching the audience than watching the stage! You should have seen those faces... motionless, fixated on the fretboard...

Emir Hot and Muris Varajic - Flight of the Bumblebee
The guys put up a truly inspiring performance.


Muris Varajic - Final Dance


Then the moment everyone was waiting for...

The Live4guitar Marketplace went online!

This is a ground breaking concept in online guitar tuition. It features a new and inexpensive program that will bring together anyone who wishes to teach guitar and learn guitar on line. You can learn more here:


Following the announcement and presentation the stage was taken by the true legend, special guest star Zoran Starcevic, the acoustic guitar virtuoso from Serbia who delighted the audience with his mastery of the instrument. He was later joined on stage by Muris and Emir on acoustic guitars. The trio played Zoran’s own composition, “The Old Railway”.

There are no words to describe this performance. You’ll just have to watch it for yourselves.

Zoran Starcevic, Muris Varajic, Emir Hot - Stara Pruga (The Old Rail)


Neno Munitic (Klonfis), introduced "Omis Guitar Fest", a guitar festival that is turning into a regular annual international event. We will be writing more about it closer to the time.

Left to right:
Aleksandar Sukovic (L4g instructor), Jasmin Ihtijarevic (web development project manager), Zlatan Babic (guest from Bosnia and Herzegovina), Haidi (guest from Croatia), Neno Munitic ("Omis Guitar Fest" - Director)


The evening was truly delightful. Many thanks to George “gt” Stergiou, Zoran Starcevic, Emir Hot, Muris Varajic,  Laurie Monk, Pat, Shannon and Jett Cash, Andreia Gomez, Martin Goulding, Daniel Ralphe, Alexandar Sukovic, Pedjazz, Achilles, Spiros Karagkounis, Jamie Stungo, Ihti, Nedim, Zlaja, Neno, Elvis, Haidi, and many others who attended.

Until the next event... Rock on!


Some more pictures from the event:

Emir Hot and Aleksandar Sukovic


George GT Stergiou, Pedja Simovic, Muris Varajic


Aleksandar Sukovic and Laurie Monk


Muris Varajic and Daniel Realpe


Happy crowd :)


Part of the L4g team with guests


Zoran, Muris, Aleksandar and Emir


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