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Hi everyone! This week we have a cool jazzy lick over F7 (key of Bb major or F Mixolydian mode) you can effectively use in your improvisation. This lick uses "approach" patterns and was created using two different triads when soloing (F and Eb triads). We will now analyze whole lick into smaller sections.





We start on the end of beat one and we play F major triad from root ascending (F, A and C). We then play following 4 notes: Bb, Eb, G and Eb. This is Eb major triad arpeggio using 2nd inversion (5th in the bass).

In the second bar we continue with the same type of approach. First 4 notes are: F, C, A and F. This is F major arpeggio descending from root! Remaining 4 notes in the 2nd bar are: G, Bb, Eb and G. This is Eb major triad using 1st inversion (3rd in the bass).

In the remaining two bars we continue using F and Eb triads just with different inversions! First four notes in 3rd bar are: C, A, F and C which is F major triad 2nd inversion (5th in the bass!). Last 4 notes in the bar are Eb, Bb, G and Eb which finally lead into F note in the 4th bar. We can treat those notes as Eb chord tones as we are not playing them in exact order but we are rather skipping trough chord tones. Another way to treat this phrase is above and below approach pattern into F note (G, Eb which both lead to F!).

Lesson to learn from this lick is importance of triads in soloing as well as using arpeggios in a melodic way! Many jazz musicians use this technique when improvising so I suggest you work with it.

I hope you had fun learning this lick over F7 chord. Remember that whole lick uses constant 8th note rhythm. You should try playing it with swing 8th note and straight 8th note feel! Make sure you transpose it to different keys and make most out of it by editing rhythm and notes. Fingerings applied are the ones I prefer but feel free to experiment and apply your own; same thing goes for the picking and execution of the whole lick!

See you soon with more licks of the week. Until then study this one with loop backing and create your own licks in this style!


Pedja Simovic


Normal speed

Slow speed

Download backing track

Download tab - GP5

Download PDF tab!/predrag.simovic