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Hi everyone.

It's been a while I haven't done a lick of the week. Here we have a nice blues Robben Ford Style lick in the key of C which you can use in any 12 bar blues.

Have fun.






Robben Ford is one of my favorite modern blues players. His phrasing is really something that inspired me over the years.

This lick is actually a modified and extended lick from his book "Blues for Guitar" which is a great resource if you want to dig into this style.

The lick is in the key of C. Almost everything played is in C major pentatonic and, at some moments, F major pentatonic with some added b5 notes for a bluesy feel.

Pay attention on the vibrato. This is not a vibrato you usually see in rock style. The left hand thumb is not touching the neck when vibrating. I've seen that Eric Clapton uses this approach a lot. The feel and the sound of this kind of vibrato is really different and interesting.

There are a few notes which I pluck with the right hand (m and a) fingers so make sure you don't miss that - see tab.

I left 2 jam tracks in 90 and 60bpm so you can play along. Jam tracks are not full 12 bar blues. You only have I and IV chord (C and F) in the loop - no V chord.


I hope you'll have fun playing this one.



Normal speed


Slow speed



Download full speed jam track

Download slow speed jam track

Download PDF tab

Download Guitar Pro 5 tab


If you want to download the whole lesson pack with videos - click here.


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