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Go outside the pentatonic box and create your own landscape. Just dont be gone too long! This lick starts with a taste of B Dorian mode, then employs some chromaticisms to liven up some minor pentatonics in the upper register. It concludes with an outside sounding arpeggio sequence that lands on the root note.






Keys to remember are when learning to play outside, make sure to have a note inside the scale of the tune to ultimately land on so that the tension of the outside line has a resolution point with the listener.

Start training your ear for outside tones by playing in a scale you’re familiar with and experimenting with notes outside of that scale.

The goal is to find your way back melodically and rhythmically until it feels and sounds more natural. A good technique used in this lesson is creating a pattern on the fretboard and simply moving that pattern chromatically up or down the neck toward a note on the fretboard that is in the scale of the song as your landing target.

Normal speed


Slow speed


B Dorian mode


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