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Hi guys!

I messed around with open strings and a new lick was born. This one is a country lick in C7 (Mixolydian).


Tonality of this country lick is F major. We know that C7 chord is placed on the 5th degree when we harmonize F major scale into 4 note chord. Because of that I used C mixolydian scale (5th mode of F major) and some passing notes in between like B which is a major 7th interval. This approach is common in bebop and with that note added we have a scale that has 8 notes called bebop mixolydian. There are some other chromatic passing notes like Ab (which is minor 6th from C), and Eb (which is minor 3rd from C). All these passing notes tend to resolve towards some strong chord note and the emphasis should be put on chord notes with a strong resolution.

Open strings I used are E (major 3rd of C7), and G (5th of C7).

This is useful alternate picking exercise, even string skipping shows up somewhere. You can also try to combine hybrid picking using combination of fingers and the pick. Try to play without any tension with right hand, take your time and gradually speed up.


Download backing track (full speed)

Download backing track (slow speed)

Download tab (Guitar Pro)

Download tab (PDF)

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Full speed

Slow speed

Good luck!

Hamo Salihbegovic