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This lick of the week focuses on the Lydian pentatonic. We are in the key of G Major scale and we are using the IV Mode starting from the 4th note of the G Major scale which is C..







The chord in this track is C Maj7#11/E. The first lick is a 16th note triad arpeggio in 2 strings made out of Em (E-G-B) and the second is a C major #11(C-E-F#) arpeggio (no5th). This pattern features all the notes from the C Lydian pentatonic which is I-III-#IV-V-VII.

The second part is a sextuplet string skipping pattern on the 1st position of the scale with hammer-ons and pull-offs and the last lick is analyzing the chord with Natural harmonics.

There is a full lesson on Lydian pentatonic coming very soon with all the positions mapped out and some licks and ideas on the scale.

I hope you enjoy and see you soon.


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