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Hi guys. This is my first lick of the week. The lick is in the key of C minor scale (Eb Major) and it's based on string skipping arpeggios.







We have 3 flattened notes in the key of C minor: Bb, Eb and Ab.

The chord progression is:

|| Cm | Cm | G/B | G/B | Eb | Eb | Bb/D | Bb/D ||

Equally we will use Cm arpeggio over the Cm chord, G major arpeggio over the G/B chord, Eb major arpeggio over the Eb chord and Bb major arpeggio over the Bb/D chord.

So in bars 1 and 2 we are using a Cm arpeggio on Root position with the Root note on the D string on the 10th fret starting from the minor 3rd (Eb) on the 8th fret of the G string. (See 1st Image)

On bars 2-4 (G/B) we are using the major type again starting from the major3rd of the G chord (B) on the 9th fret of the D string. Notice that your Root G is on the 10th fret on the A string. (See 2nd Image)

In bars 4-6 we have an Eb major arpeggio with the Root note on the D string on the 13th fret (3rd Image) and starting again from the major 3rd (G) on the G string 12th fret and in bars 6-8 a Bb Major arpeggio with the Root note on the 13th fret of the A string and starting from the major 3rd (D) on the 12th fret of the D string. (4th  Image).

As you will notice, the Major shapes have exactly the same fingering either if the Root is on the A string or the D string. Exactly the same thing works for the minor type string-skipping arpeggio as well.

I left the jam track in full speed so you can practice and experiment with your own ideas.

Thanks for watching this lick of the week and see you soon.


Normal speed

Slow speed

Download full speed backing 148bpm

Download slow speed backing 74bpm

Download jam track 148bpm

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