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Hey guys and gals! This is my first 'lick of the week' at live4guitar.

Now you will learn to merge a tapping and a picking phrase.






The tapping phrase

First you have a slide up on the sixth string to the note A where you start playing an ascending A romanian minor by six notes per string (3 notes by left hand and 3 notes by right) in 3 octaves by 32's. Then you will continue playing using legato, until you can switch to your pick, as rapidly as you can. If you would use a pick that can be attached to your thumb, then you will be able to switch to picking faster.


The picking phrase

The first part of this segment is a phrase also in A romanian minor scale, using alternate picking, following a sweeping and sliding lick in D# diminished.

This full lesson is available at the Marketplace. Check it out


Normal speed

Slow speed

Download full speed backing 115bpm

Download slow speed backing 85bpm

Download PDF tab

Download GP5 tab