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On 9th June 2014, Positive Grid released the new 3.5 update for its flagship app JamUp XT. This is a massive update with new features: Integration of BIAS amp patch into JamUp, redesigned graphical interface, Preset Manager, Dropbox support and 3 new expansion packs.




Graphical Makeover

Right after 464 MB download and installation on my iPad, first thing I've noticed when I started this app was the new graphical makeover. Kudos to graphic designers in Positive Grid. New interface looks very nice, refreshed and definitely more polished.


Preset Manager

This new feature is very elegant solution for managing your own presets. Now you can order, edit and delete presets right here. Right after you tap the Preset Manager button, you are in the main Presets Management window -> one suggestion to Positive Grid team here-> it would be very useful to have an option to edit a patch name from this location as well ;-)

jamup xt 3.5.0 - presets management

Tap the bank you want to edit, and you will slide in the Patch window. After you tap Edit button, you'll get the new options to select or mark all patches and to move or delete the patch. After you select the patch and tap the move button, you get a new option to move or copy the patch to the new location/bank -> very cool. This makes things easier when you want to consolidate your sounds, and move your favorite patch from different locations to one bank. Preset Manager is a big time saver.


Dropbox support

I am sure many users were waiting for a Dropbox integration. You can access it when you tap a configuration icon in the bottom right corner in the main patch screen (configuration wheel icon). Tap the Preset Backup button and you will have an option to log in and link in your Dropbox account from here. After this you will get the screen from Dropbox app itself, where you must allow JamUp to create a folder "JamUp Pro XT" in Dropboxfolder designated for iOS apps (folder named Apps). After the "backuping", JamUp left the file in the Dropbox.

jamup xt 3.5.0 - preset backup - dropbox

It is possible to restore presets from Dropbox to JamUp in case you reinstall the app or install the app on another iOS device. Well done Positive Grid.


Acoustic Expansion Pack

In this pack, Positive Grid introduces new Acoustic Imaging Technology. Definitely a grand option for acoustic and electric players. It also comes with a new Acoustic Simulator - great way to transform electric guitar into acoustic guitar sound. Included models are: Acoustic Pro Simulator, Acoustic EQ and Acoustic Reverb. My favorite new options are String Enhancer and an option to choose what kind of guitar body you want to emulate. You can plug your acoustic guitar and use Acoustic Image.

jamup xt 3.5.0 - Acoustic Expansion Pack


Vintage Effects Expansion pack

This is a package of 8 popular old-school guitar effects. Whenever you want to enjoy the vintage sound, teleport back in time, or be inspired, this is what you are looking for. All included models are based on: Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster, Electro Harmonix Small Clone, Big Muff, Knockout Attack EQ, BOSS DM-2 Analog Delay, Voodoo Labs Vibe, Fulltone OCD Overdrive and Demeter Tremulator Tremolo. My favorites hare are Big Muff, DM-2 and Vibe.

jamup xt 3.5.0 - Vintage Effects Expansion pack


Gurus Amps Expansion pack

Positive Grid created this expansion pack with Cikonani Engineering. There are three Gurus amps available: Sexy – nice tube clean sound, very colorful Crunch and Lead amp. I have used this amp set to record a demo in a Classic Rock style. It is very intuitive to use and with minimal tweaking you have quick recording-friendly tone.

jamup xt 3.5.0 - Gurus Amps Expansion pack


All mentioned packs are available as in-app purchase. Just tap on the shopping-basket on the main patch screen and then tap Expansion Packs. Packs are priced EUR 8.99.

JamUp XT 3.5.0 is definitely a cool refreshment version with very attractive new features. Preset Manager is very handy and easy to use. The Dropbox integration is very convenient if you are planning to replace your gadget or get a new iOS device, or, you can backup your sounds on your old device, and open and restore on the new one. Simple as that. You can also use it if you want to copy all patches from your iPadJamUp to your iPhoneJamUp for example. Vintage Effects Expansion pack is very inspiring FX set for vintage sound fans and a new territory to explore for any young guitarist/bassist. Guru Amps is very nice set of sounds, and with new BIAS Plexi 50 integration expands JamUp's plethora of electric guitar sounds. And in the realm of Acoustic guitars, JamUp significantly changes the game with the new Acoustic Simulator and Acoustic Imaging emulation.

The last but not least, in the next video, you can hear some of my favorite effects in action.


Keep on rockin'