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Jam pedals are high end quality vintage style guitar pedals. With their unique design and sound approach they attracted artists like John Abercrombie, Greg Koch, David Hidalgo, Anthony Jackson, Jonny Lang, Benrie Marsden, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd to name a few, and it’s been a rapidly growing company around the world. The company was started in 2005 by Yannis Anastasakis, with whom I happen to be very good friends with since my early rocking teenage years playing guitar in the same town but in different bands. We caught up with him to see what Jam Pedals are all about.







How and what got you interested in making guitar pedals?

Basically it all started as a hobby. Just out of curiosity I wanted to know how a pedal works. I have played guitar for many years and I’m into progressive rock so I was using a lot of effect pedals in the bands I was playing in.  The first pedal I made was a range master, and making it was a lot easier that I expected it to be.  I really enjoyed the process and the idea, and as a result I started making pedals for myself.  Later I got into how to improve things, making different combinations, and experimenting in order to take it further. A lot of people were coming to my gigs and asking me what pedals I was using.  I was telling them that they are my own pedals and that they are completely handmade.  Then everybody started asking me to make them some pedals and at that point it turned from a hobby into a business.


As a company what are your unique selling points?

For one thing all our pedals are true by-pass. This feature is one of the most important things that every guitar player seeks from a pedal.  They are also all handmade. This means that no machine is being applied in any of our pedals which in turn means that they have a unique design that differs from any other pedal company in the world. Also, Jam pedals have the quality of old vintage effect pedals that you cannot find anywhere very easily anymore.  With regards to vintage pedals, another thing is that they had the right sound but a lot of people found all sorts of problems with them like durability. In addition to single stompboxes we are also selling multi-pedals. These are complete pedals with full controls in one big pedal-board unit. A lot of session musicians have found this very useful because it minimizes the size and the weight of a regular stompbox pedalboard significantly. Everything is handmade as well as hand wired and we also offer lifetime warranty on all our products.


How are your pedals made?

Jam pedals are made with fine quality components and as mentioned above everything is hand wired. I do the entire job from scratch. From putting the transistors and resistors on the board, to shielding the wires, making the boxes, the holes, the switches and buttons, and just everything really. It is a huge job but I find it a lot fun to do. I really love it.


Can somebody order a customized pedal or something made to their specs?

Yes of course. The only problem is that because we happen to be growing so rapidly since we started in 2005 there is not a lot of time for it at the moment but it is very possible to be done if the customer has a little patience.  A lot of times I’ve been asked to put a tuner in the mutli-pedal or customize a different design etc. We have orders from all around the world and we are very happy with the idea of making something new and pushing the boundaries with what we can make.


What is the price range of the products?

The price range for stompboxes starts from 140 Euros and it goes up to 250 at the moment.


Would you like to add anything else?

Thanks for the interview and I hope you guys keep doing the great job you do. You can check Jam pedals on


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