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Marty Friedman is undoubtedly a guitarist with a unique style and approach to guitar. Through the years he has collaborated with top musician in the industry such as Jason Becker (Cacophony), Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Ron Jarzombeck (Watch Tower)  to name a few. Besides his band evolvement as a guitarist, he has also been releasing solo albums over the past 20 years. At the moment he is in the studio writing his new album and soon hitting the road. We got a chance to speak with him and ask him a few quick questions.




You are defined for your unique style on the guitar throughout your career. What made you pick up a guitar, what were your influences and how did you reach to the point of finding your own voice on the instrument?

I saw Kiss in concert and I thought, "I can do what those guys are doing!" My influences were mainly punk at the time. Finding my own voice came quickly and naturally, but is always growing and changing, to this day. My "voice" is so far removed from what it was 2 albums ago, and further removed from 10 albums ago. As with anything, the more you do it, the more unique interpretations you should hopefully get at it.


Can you tell us some things about your technique and the approach to your lead playing?

I'm realizing more and more, that I do so many things that are exceptions to every rule, that change with each melody I play, that it would take years to explain the reasoning behind a lot of it…


You have released several instrumental albums that they are all so different from each other. How do you find your self musically in these days (Approach/style/influences)?

As always, searching for deeper and more interesting ways to interpret melodies that I like, without repeating myself. That's it, making it still sound like me without repeating myself. Influences can be non musical as well as musical, but musically I like a lot of current Japanese music.


You have collaborated throughout the years with guitarists like Jason Becker, Dave Mustaine, Ron Jarzombek. Could you tell us how was it to have worked with them?

Awesome. You couldn't pick 3 more different players than that.

You have done several guitar instructional DVD's with different approach to each one of them. Tell us some more things about them.

They are probably very helpful, as at the time I really believed they would be. However, I would probably disagree with a good amount of it if I looked at them now, only because my interpretation of music is so much sharper now than it was then.

You are currently recording a new one whilst on tour. Is it a normal process for you? Could you give us some more information on your forthcoming album.

I`m touring and recording all the time, so anything is normal. My next album is the sequel to Tokyo Jukebox, which I will be playing lots of stuff from in this European tour. I can not wait!


You recently founded a record label. Can you give us some information about that?

Gokukara Records, is that label and we will be debuting our first band later this year. More info at my website and the Gokukara Records website (in Japanese).


Will you be joining Live4Guitar Forum sometime?

Would love to say hi sometime.


Anything else you would like to add?

Keep making music and see you on tour!!!