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Michael Angelo Batio:  “Damjan is quite possibly the best new guitar talent I have seen and heard. He has absolutely amazing technique and plays with confidence and maturity. He is definitely one of the new, young emerging guitar stars.”

Comments like these you don’t hear that often. And when you do, you take notice.

So, let’s find out from the man himself what it means to him to be afforded such praise, whether he takes it as a burden or as an encouragement, and what consequences it has for his career.



Damjan, thank you for taking time to talk to us. These comments came after the Ziua Chitarelor competition earlier this year where you won the first prize. Are you aware of the incredible talent that you possess?

Yes the comments came after my performance at the guitar competition held in ZC2 in Romania 10th of April this year and I must say that I was really honoured to receive these kind of comments from the biggest names in today’s guitar industry. Everyone has talent actually; someone for music, others for sports etc... but in my case I’d rather say that I spend a lot of time on developing that talent, many hours of practicing, analysis, transcribing solos, listening to music and I am still doing that every day.


You have won quite a few other competitions and got placed in many others. Those challenges must be very good for keeping you on your toes. What else do you take from them?

I am not a kind of a person who thinks about music in terms of competition but competitions are really good way for anonymous guitar players to be recognised. Watching other players on YouTube you’ll come up with a conclusion that the guitar playing is further reaching. There are many musicians who gained their reputation via YouTube and their videos took them from the internet to the live stage. I guess that encouraged me and gave me an inspiration to share my passion for guitar with the world.

Damjan performing in London - Guitar Idol 2009


On which competitions did you enter the top 3?

I won 2nd places at Shred This competition and Strings on Fire contest and won the Shred This Too (with Marco Sfogli) contest. Also I won the Zuia Chitarelor live competition in Romania which was a part of the great guitar event organised by Corrado Sgandurra.


Damjan Pejcinoski - Shred this too WINNER


You are investing a considerable time to better yourself through proper musical education. How important is it to have structured learning and practising program.

Some years ago I was really addicted to a practicing program that involved playing scales, practicing arpeggios in every key etc...I used to practice more than 6 hours a day. It's very important to be well organized and keep the continuity in practicing, developing the vocabulary, learning phrases, transcribing solos etc... A lot of guitarists do that... But now I’m more into making music from my music vocabulary that I have learned and still learning. I guess my goal nowadays is attract the audience with my songs, not just being a machine with bunch of speed licks and crazy arpeggios...


You wrote some stuff for the biggest Italian Guitar magazine – “AXE”. How did you get that job? Is writing for popular guitar magazines something you would like to do more often?

It came after my win at ZC. The director of the magazine Fabrizio Dado was there and I guess he liked my playing and offered me to write an article for this famous magazine. I wrote about Macedonian odd rhythms explaining how to play in 11/8 and 13/8 beats. Writing columns is a real challenge. It's actually hard to write something that hasn't been written yet.

Damjan's article for Italian "AXE" magazine


We saw you performing at the Eurovision Song Contest with Macedonian band. Great solo btw :) It must have been a great feeling knowing that the whole Europe is watching you live on TV.

Thank you! Considering the global broadcast that Eurovision has and the marketing effort invested in it from all countries that participate, Eurovision is a big commercial success. Macedonia was the only country that had a guitar solo there and I guess that could be the reason why other countries didn't vote for us and therefore we didn't reach the finals hahahaha. Anyway the feeling was great and I will do it again if I get the chance.


Eurovision Song Contest 2010 - Damjan performing for Macedonia.


You are the most prominent instructor at Live4guitar Marketplace. In a very short time you attracted a large number of followers and sold your lesson quite a few times. People are obviously eager to learn from you. Are you going to let them have more lessons?

I will do more lessons for sure. I respect the effort that L4G crew puts in for expanding the site worldwide and I’ll do my best to making decent lessons for all the subscribers on the site.

Damjan's lesson on Live4Guitar marketplace - Hybrid Picking Soloing
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We've seen you playing with big names like Stuart Ham, Jennifer Batten and some others. How did you get that invitation and was it a good experience for you?

The organizer of the ZC festival Corrado Sgandurra invited me and Dragianni to be special guests at the 3rd edition. Thanks to him for that. We had a great oportunity to work with those big names, play together and share the stage energy.

Damjan Pejcinoski, Stu Hamm and Mike Vanderhule playing Damjan's tune - Give me the groove


You made many people happy for deciding to teach at Live4guitar, specially because you are so busy with your other activities. What are your other plans for the near future.

Apart from the tours with my band “SHINE” in Macedonia I will do a clinic and a concert in Plovdiv – Bulgaria on 15th of January 2011 and in Belgrade-Serbia sometime in February.

Damjan's band - SHINE


Making video lessons is a completely new experience for me. If people are happy learning from me, it makes me happy too. I love to share my musical thoughts with them and I love to read positive comments about it.


How do you like the direction that Live4guitar is taking?  Are you happy to see so many people willing to share their knowledge and experience? Is this viable alternative for proper music school that many are not able to attend for various reasons? Do you see any areas that could be improved?

L4G has a revolutionary program. I guess guitar learning hasn’t been so easy in the past as it is nowadays. People have a brilliant option to study on the Internet and don’t need to go to music schools as they have the opportunity to learn from the best and pay less money for it. Anyway there is no replacement for live jamming and exchanging the live energy with the band mates but for sure L4G offers one of the greatest online learning programs.


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Read what others said about Damjan


Michael Angelo Batio:

"Damjan is quite possibly the best new guitar talent I have ever seen and heard. He has absolutely amazing technique and plays with confidence and maturity. He is definitely one of the new, young emerging guitar stars."

Richard Hallebek:

"I was very impressed by Damjan's 'in the pocket' groove and awesome timing. He was swinging hard to the music and his timing was really laid back and grooving. His lines were really interesting and he was paying attention to the melody's, vibrato's and the overall message he was trying to get across. His playing was a mix of jazz, fusion and rock and all that melted into one. A player with a lot of potential. I would love to hear a full album of his music and playing! I would certainly buy it! "

Brett Garsed:

"Damjan Pejcinoski played incredibly well at Ziua Chitarelor and thoroughly deserved the first place prize. I'm sure he's going to have an amazing career for many years to come."

Andy Timmons:

"Damjan really blew us away. He's got a natural ability on the guitar and has already developed a great technique. I look forward to hearing him develop his musicality in the years to come. He has a great future."

Greg Howe :

"The winner, Damjan, is likely on his way to having a very successful career as a guitarist.He was really amazing and his performance was technically flawless.I really enjoyed the fact that he already possesses a great sense of musical maturity, never allowing his very advanced technical skills to take place at the expense of musicality. Congratulations!"