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On the 2nd day we arrived early as we wanted to catch up with some people that we thought the members of the L4G family should know about. We spoke with Yannis Anastasakis from Jam Pedals, Marcel Coenen who was there with Bo-El guitars, Terence Hansen who was performing at the main stage and demonstrating his 2 neck acoustic guitar at the  Heeres guitars stand, Avid about the Eleven Rack interface/amp simulator, Rotosound , JPF Amplification and many more. Most of these are going to be discussed in separate reviews and interviews coming soon on  the L4G blog. So let’s have a look at what else was happening on the 14th of November at Guitar Nation 2010 at the Olympia center.






On the main stage the day started with Gordon Giltrap, a long time musician whose career dates back the 70‘s and is still going strong today.  He was playing some acoustic tunes from his wide range discography. Next was Terence Hansen who uses a double neck acoustic guitar.  He was playing chords on one neck and a solo with his other hand on the other neck and singing at the same time......AMAZING!! 

Terence Hansen - Guitar Nation 2010 - day 2


An interview with Terence is coming soon so be sure to keep checking the L4G blog.  After that there was the Dominic Miller Electric band which unfortunately we were not able to attend as we had made some arrangements already for interviews. Next was Phil Hilborne and his band (Excluding Nicko McBrain) and they delivered up some progressive rock along with some heavy Rock tunes such as Carry on my wayward son – Kansas,  Stand up and Shout – Dio and more.

Phil Hilborne - Carry On My Wayward Son


Last up was the Steve Vai masterclass.  This was formatted like an interview and Justin Sandercoe from the Institute (ICMP) doing the conducting. There were also three lucky people performing their own compositions in front of Steve Vai. One of the performers was Irene Ketikidi (L4G instructor) and she performed her song titled “Rambler”. 

Irene Ketikidi performing in front of Steve Vai


Steve Vai was talking about his experiences throughout the years being in the music industry as well as what it is like being a performing guitarist today and some ways to expose yourself to the market and around the world.

Steve Vai - Guitar Nation 2010



On the seminars side of the day we had the Steve Vai’s VIP master class, which lasted for 2 hours.  It was on the Flex-Able and Passion and Warfare recording sessions. After that we had again Saiichi Sugiyama from day one talking about the Eric Clapton guitars and the Crossroads charity foundation. Finally we had the Musicians Union Keith Ames with promoting your music, Trev Wilkinson on building guitars and finally Martin Taylor talking about learning the Art of the acoustic guitar.



Today we were able to spend some more time visiting some of the various stands and having a closer look at the new products available to guitarists. We had a more in depth look at the Jam Pedals, which are completely hand made, true by-pass, and have a wide range of effects, modulations and overdrive/distortion units. We were able to try some of them and we were impressed with the quality and the unique design of these pedal.  A Jam Pedals review has already been published. Next we went to the Avid booth and tried the Eleven Rack. This is truly a powerful unit to have in the studio as an amp simulator/ soundcard and it comes with Pro Tools 8 LE. We next visited the Heeres guitar stand and had a closer look at the acoustic guitars and again watched Terence Hansen performing “Light my fire“ by The Doors. Next up was a demonstration from Gig FX pedals at their stand. We then got a chance to try out guitar hero with Mr. Hot on the drums and me on guitar playing the Beatles classic “Come together” at the Allianz insurance stand. We also saw some guitar straps that were made from real leather, white gold and real diamonds.......Don’t ask the price !!!



The 2nd day seemed to be a bit more interesting as we had some more time to stroll around and figure out in more depth what was going on. We had a great time watching the Phil Hilborne band performance and attendning the Steve Vai Masterclass on the main stage. We also were able to try out some interesting toys and watched more stuff that you don’t see everyday in your local music shops. We hope that the Guitar Nation is going to be in a bigger and more organized space next year.

Thanks for reading