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This is our first ‘Product-Review and Giveaway’ for Live4Guitar where our community are given the chance to win small goodies, like the products we’re giving away today. We’ll being doing one of these again in a couple of weeks, so keep an eye out on our site, or on Twitter and Facebook.




I’ve never reviewed a strap before but I was intrigued when I was contacted by Jared Bell, on Twitter, who was keen for us to review Bitchstraps’ products. First of all the name caught my eye - yes that’s right, ‘Bitchstraps’. Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee in the USA, Bitchstraps are a producer of fine, handmade leather guitar straps, capo holders, slide holders and all things ‘holder’.

Stuff has arrived!


One of the things that you don’t often see these-days is a capo or slide holder that attaches to a guitar strap, which is ideal if you’re ever looking for easy-access to these often crucial tools and can, more importantly, resemble Batman’s utility-belt. 

Capo-Holder (Not Batman Shuriken holder)


Bitchstraps have come up with a unique adjustment mechanism, which allows you to adjust the strap’s height without having to remove the strap itself. Normally this wouldn’t be a novelty with a strap but you don’t get this luxury with leather straps and you usually end up having to remove the strap and pop it onto the next notch, which isn’t ideal as you only have a few height choices.

Adjustment Mechanism (at the top of the pic)


These straps don’t come cheap at $90 (£56) for the strap and $40 (£25) for the capo/slide holders, but you always get what you pay for and you can bet that they’ll probably outlast you.

I spoke with Jared about what makes Bitchstraps standout amongst other guitar straps out there:
Where do you guys source your leather and make your straps?
Bitchstraps are made in the USA. Our tannery is in Manchester, TN an hour south of our Nashville headquarters. The straps are assembled at a family owned plant in Bolivar, TN near Memphis.
What makes your straps different to other products on the market?
Our straps and holsters are unique to anything else on the market. The first thing you notice is the look. We don’t do any sewing, instead making our straps out of hardware and rivets. Secondly, we hand select our leather to ensure softness and comfort. This helps reduce fatigue over long sets.
Finally, our straps feature a unique, operator friendly, adjustment system. Unlike most leather straps, Bitchstraps can be adjusted without removal by simply pulling the loose end of the strap to the exact length needed.
Bitchstraps are designed for working musicians.  They are durable enough to survive life on the road, and maintain a stage presence all their own.
Who would be your target customer?
Our target customer is looking for a strap with attitude, elegance, and features that make playing guitar easier and more comfortable. At this price point we don’t expect to sell one to every kid who gets a Squire Stratocaster for Christmas. If you’ve made a serious investment in your guitar this is a strap worthy of a quality instrument. Our straps and holsters are as classy and cool as your high end Gibson or Paul Reed Smith.
Why the name Bitchstraps?
The name Bitchstraps was intended as a joke. The word “bitch” has become so commonplace over the last 2-3 decades, that we didn’t think anything of it. However, we knew it would be memorable and we wanted a name that was as wild and unforgettable as our straps!
So, if you’re a working musician or someone who wants a high-quality leather strap with attitude and you're a bit like this:


Rock Star


then this would be just the thing for you. If, however, you’re the dull office dwelling type that doesn’t let his hair down on weekends (probably because you don’t have any from all the day-job stress) then you’ll just have to settle for this

Dreaming of Being the Above
To win one of these fine straps, with an included capo-holder, ‘like’ the Live4Guitar Facebook Page and post a picture of yourself posing with your guitar, without a strap, and why you need one of these ‘top-notch’ straps. 
While you’re at it, please ‘like’ the Bitchstraps Facebook Page
Most outrageous and/or comical entries will be more likely to win. There will be a US winner as well as a European winner. 
A big thank you to Jared and the guys at Bitchstraps for their time and effort in sending us their stuff to review.
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