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Greetings guitar fans.

Few months ago we have reviewed the BIAS for iPad. This month we are happy to announce that Positive Grid has adapted a program code for an iPhone (4S and above) and iPod touch (5 and above). I was so excited to test the Beta version few weeks ago and I was truly impressed with being able to tweak everything on my iPhone 5 touch screen. Now the final release version is ready to fire up your iOS device. BIAS for iPhone can be flawlessly integrated with JamUp XT as well and vice versa.





Positive Grid - BIAS - Controls

Controls are very intuitive and straight forward, with the same parameters like in the iPad version. It is effortless to get use to the new "tap to change page" and "tap to select different preset" buttons. This is very creative solution to make all tweakable parameters accessible on such small screen estate. It took me just few minutes to assimilate and to get a feel for it. You can tweak the Amp Panel, Preamp, EQ, Tone Stack, Power Amp, Transformer and a Cab just like in the big brother iPad app. Navigation may be a bit different but the sound coming out of the app is the same like in the iPad version.


Tone Cloud

Positive Grid - BIAS - Tone Cloud

The main difference between first BIAS iPad release is that this first iPhone release comes with the "Tone cloud" tone sharing. Tone cloud is available in a current iPad version as well. The same concept and idea is identical to the one in JamUp XT app: create a tone, share it with Positive Grid online community and download new tones from thousands of guitarists and Positive Grid featured artists.

Positive Grid - BIAS - Online Community

Tone cloud can be used as a backup as well. Let's say you have your desired patch on the iPhone version, and you want to transfer the same patch to your iPad. Simply share/upload the patch from your iPhone to the Tone cloud and download it on your iPad - simple as that.


Facebook Share

Positive Grid - BIAS - Facebook Share

Another cool feature transferred from the iPad verion is Facebook share. Design your amp sound AND visual elements. Get custom color gill cloth, custom knobs, panel,  etc... Export your work of art to your Facebook account. Facebook creates "Bias-Amps! Photos" folder/album for you. Very nice visual touch.

Positive Grid is without a doubt one of the most innovative iOS developers for musicians. With BIAS app they have changed the game in the world of virtual amp modeling on portable devices. No other app has so many tweakable options and features (at the time of this review). I did not see so far any other developer that has two different apps with an interactive link between them - you can transfer a tone from BIAS to JamUp and edit JamUp amp tone in BIAS.

Like I mentioned before, Positive Grid would change the game one more time if they develop BIAS VST/AU/AAX plug in for DAWs. Personally, I would be overjoyed to record and re-amp my guitar tracks in Pro Tools. How about you?

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