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Hi, everybody! This time you have yourselves to blame for the delay in the results of the competition! Not only that there were more contestants than before, but you were all much better then the last time. You really made it hard for us to decide who will be the winner. This kind of slow, but steady progress is exactly what we hoped for. That means that our comunity is growing and getting stronger and that the path we've chosen is the right one. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated, you were all very good. We also had more sponsors this time and to us that is another good sign.




And now, here are some details:

There were 69 contestants and 5 judges.

Each judge had to pick 10 favourites and grade them from 1 to 10, so when we summed the points from all of our judges, we got the winner. We consider this way of grading the most realistic. So, without further ado, we give you our winner:

...and the winner is:





















Evandro Junior


And here you can see the list of our most successful entries:

8th live4guitar competition - results



The 2nd place

Yiannis Papadopoulos


The 3rd place

leonardogzm - Leonardo Guzman


These 3 winners should leave their contact details either on our Youtube channel or our forum.

Those of you who didn't make it on the list-don't be discouraged, keep working hard and entering and the results will come. The important thing is that we all stay focused on our mission, and that is to make this comunity stronger and stronger every day, support and build it untill it becomes big enough so that IT can support US instead. That way we will all have something to be proud of, and also a strong platform for our further work.

Soon there will ba another competition. What you should do is join our forum and tell us what you like and don't like. That way we can improve our way of work and make it more fun and more real for everyone.

Thank you all for participating. we would like you to get more involved with us, to share your new videos and your news on our forum, facebook page and support and promote one another. we are all in this together.

Our special thanks goes to our sponsors.


L4g team


1st place

Live4guitar 8th competition - 1st prize

1st prize will win the L4g overdrive pedal, Amplifikation Vermilion, and an L4g t-shirt


2nd place

Live4guitar 8th competition - 2nd prize

2nd prize will win a copy of Amplifikation Vermilion, Riffstation, and an L4g t-shirt.


3rd place

Live4guitar 8th competition - 3rd prize

3rd place gets 5 free lesson downloads from our live4guitar marketplace, a copy of Riffstation, and an L4g tshirt.