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Hi everybody. Big sorry for the delay. Some of our judges were busy and we were waiting for the results a bit longer. Anyway we have the winners and congratulations to everybody who contributed.

Also big thanks to Intex Cables for sponsoring this competition.








Each judge had to award points from 10 to 1 (10 being the best). In the end we summed all points from each judge and got the result. There were 34 video responses of which 16 got points.


...and the winner is:




















MUELLMUSIC - Frank Steffen Mueller


So here is the list sorted using Youtube profile names:



The 2nd place

AndreNieri - André Niéri


The 3rd place

RobertoRestuccia - Roberto Restuccia


Congratulations everybody and thanks for taking part in this competition. Please join our forum if you haven't done so and send personal message to our administrators with your contact details for shipping.


The next competition will start soon. Please join our forum and help us with your comments and ideas how to improve these competitions and make them more fun for everybody.

The prizes:

1st place

Intex Cable + Live4guitar t-shirt


2nd place

Dunlop Straplok + EPM The Cap Transducer Pick Up + L4G t-shirt


3rd place

10 guitar lessons of your choice from L4g Marketplace + L4G t-shirt