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Hi everyone. After a week of difficult but interesting judging work, we now have the results. There were 35 entries of which 22 received points. There were some really great takes and thanks everyone for submiting their entry.








Each judge had to pick 10 participants and award them points from 10 to 1 (10 being the best) . In the end we summed all points from each judge and got the result. Results are pretty different because each judge was looking for what they personally believed it's important. We believe that's the fair way of marking the entries and in the end get the result as fair as possible.




...and the winner is:




















cromadeva - Marco De Cave


So here is the list sorted using Youtube profile names:


The 2nd place



The 3rd place

buzUki89 - Uros Kovacevic


As you can see, the 2nd and the 3rd place have the same number of points. katschrowski took the 2nd place because he had marks from all judges while buzUki89 was missing points from George.

Congratulations everybody and thanks for taking part in this competition. Please join our forum if you haven't done so and send personal message to our administrators with your contact details for shipping.


The 3rd competition will start soon so stay tuned.


L4g team.

The prizes:

1st place

AMT LA M1 (JCM800) - Amp emulator pedal + L4g T-shirt
The pedal is brought to you by Shamray Guitars

check out the sound clips


2nd place

Guitar Pro 6 - Full licence + L4g T-shirt


3rd place

Music Theory For Dummies (book and CD) + L4g T-shirt


All 3 get L4g T-shirt

L4g T-shirt