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Wow! We had no idea that nearly 50 entries would make us work this hard. However we believe that we managed to make the fair choice as every judge was looking for something different. Each judge is stylisticaly different player and obviously looking for something that they personaly find important in playing. For example Pedja is a jazz guy and might be looking for more of a modal approach unlike George who is kinda John Sykes style player and might be looking for a strong vibrato, rock prashing etc...





First we would like to explain how the judging process was done. Each judge had to pick 10 participants and award them points from 10 to 1 (10 being the best) . In the end we summed all points from each judge and got the result.


...and the winner is:


















Paralleluniversemk - Damir Puh


So here is the list sorted using Youtube profile names:


The 2nd place

Cromadeva - Marco De Cave


The 3rd place

Bobanv777 - Boban Vasileski


Congratulations everybody and thanks for taking part in this competition. L4g team decided that everyone from the above list will recieve Live4guitar t-shirt as a big thank you from our team. Please join our forum if you haven't done so, and send personal message to our administrators with your contact details for shipping.


This has been a big learning curve for all of us involved and we now realise that a set of strict rules will have to be followed from now on. Since this was the 1st competition we didn't want to be as strict. We have noticed that some of you did not follow our rules 100% so please make sure you read them carefully next time as we want to make this competition as fair as possible for everybody.


Now a few words from Pedja and Dragianni about some of their favorite choices:

Dragianni's comments:

DAMIR PUH - superb guitar player...sound, phrasing, vibrato...from the moment he joined competition it was clear that he is one of the best

LUCASZ KULCZAK - exellent arppegio and tapping phrases, I would like to hear more melody, is only me

ROKAS JACKUNAS - very dry sound so it was easy to hear that this guy is great player...everything very transparent and clean, nice phrases and vibrato!



Pedja's comments:

Cromadeva – great sense for melody, repetition, sequence and fantastic usage of techniques.
Bobanv777 – fantastic question and answer phrases, great melodies and technique applied to fit the whole solo (deserves 1st place as well!)
Cihanbafra – great phrasing and melodic ideas, fantastic solo structure and one of “record ready” solos, well done.
Cradleous – excellent structure, wonderful melodies and usage of techniques, another “record ready” solo, well done.
MarkoVesovic – great structure and lots of repetition with sequences, wah wah part gave the solo extra edge.
A4format – repetition, melody, sequence, harmonized melodies and some interesting techniques, well done.
Dunivjetre – lots of repetition, strong melodies and sequences and wonderful mixture of techniques, great stuff.
Videostar555 – great structure, very strong melodies and nice mixture of techniques, good stuff.
Paralleluniversemk – fantastic technique and use of effects!
OfficialPauloPacheco – another great technique based solo!