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Hallo guitar fans. This month we are presenting the latest game changer app for iPad called "BIAS". As you may know, Positive Grid is a developer of one of the best iOS guitar apps Jam Up XT Pro which we have reviewed recently. This time they went ahead of the game and completely revolutionized guitar amp modeler market.

Lick of the week no. 31 - Rambler solo - Lick #3 (excerpt from full guitar lesson)

This lick is taken from my lesson “Rock phrasing and key modulations - Rambler solo”. With a modulation from D Dorian to F# Lydian, it features some cool alternate picking and sweeping ideas.


What do you do in London on a normal Thursday evening?

You sit at home and watch Eastenders, or you go down the pub for a pint or two... or you go spend FIVE HOURS with RON “BUMBLEFOOT” THAL in a house-party-like atmosphere where he chats with you, laughs with you, plays to you and jams with you for five short hours.

Hmm... I’d go for a pint, I think.


Video Interview With John Wheatcroft

We are privileged to bring you an exclusive interview with John Wheatcroft, one of the most versatile British guitarist, head of guitar at "Tech Music School" in London and regular contributor "Guitar World" (USA), "Guitarist" and "Guitar Techniques" magazines. John talks about his beginnings, teaching, outlook on music while showing us some tasty licks and explaining secrets behind understanding modes, a subject covered by many, but still difficult to grasp by some. We are also proud that John has recently joined Live4guitar as a regular contributor, so stay tuned for more articles from him. Now let’s dip into the mind of one of the busiest and most dedicated guy to this beautiful instrument.

iRig HD and Amplitube for iPad

IK Multimedia is one of the leading companies in digital guitar amp and pedal emulation founded in 1996. Since then they’ve continued to expand and develop, breaking all previous limits and more recently bringing their Mac/PC based software to mobile technology. In July they released the new iRig HD audio interface that is compatible with iPad, iPod, iPhone, Mac and PC. The innovative new design and handling of the device has improved vastly comparing to the original iRig, which we reviewed in 2010. iRig HD has also won the iLounge.com 2013 Best of Show award. The updated Amplitube app features everything a mobile musician needs in order to practice, teach, play live and record on the fly. If you are a mobile musician this is definitely something for you, and at a low price. Let's take a thorough look at what you get…

Download Licks of the Week 21-30 for Free

Hi there. Our old visitors probably remember that we used to make downloadable bundle every time we collect 10 new licks. At that time free guitar lesson section on our Marketplace didn't exist so we used to leave 10 licks bundle on our blog in one huge zip file. It now makes more sense to have a place where you can always come back to choose and download plenty of free stuff. If you've missed any of these, the links are here. Enjoy!

C Major Scale - Whole Neck

Hi. This is my first lesson at Live4guitar and I’d like to offer it for free. It is the C major scale played in triplets using three notes per string up and down the entire neck (22 frets).

This lesson is meant to improve:

- The knowledge of the natural notes on the fret-board;
- The alternate picking;
- The coordination between left and right hand;
- The recognition of the major sound and its modes;
- The improvising approach.

Video of the full lesson, recently published on the Live4guitar Marketplace, is also included.

Nailing the Changes Through Blues Guitar Solos - Part 5

In the last article of this series we'll see some more superlocrian action. Altered intervals give a functioning dominant chord a greater push along the way to the next change so our superlocrian can be used at this point too. John Scofield and Scott Henderson are both masters at balancing this jazzy tension and release whilst still retaining a strong blues feel to their playing.

Interview With Martin Goulding

Since graduating from G.I.T (London) in 1993, Martin has worked professionally as a guitar player and teacher, joining the faculty of the prestigious Guitar Institute in 1998 where he is currently the course writer and specialist in Higher Diploma/Degree level Modern Rock studies. Martin has worked as a regular monthly columnist for Guitar Techniques (UK) magazine and Guitar World (USA) as well as online magazine The Sound, specialising in advanced Rock/Metal techniques as well as course leader and clinician for the International Guitar Foundation summer schools. Martin has recently joined Live4guitar as an instructor so we got a chance to ask him some questions about his career, interests, passion and stuff....

Lick of the week no. 30 - On the Beach

Here we have a free lick taken from the On the Beach solo study, based around the hard-rock style. This style gained popularity from the late 1970’s with Eddie Van Halen’s groundbreaking debut album Van Halen, released in 1978 and featuring the legendary showcase Eruption. The style is characterised by choppy sounding riffs interspersed with flashy fills and flamboyant lead playing, often showcasing cutting edge techniques mixed in with a blues/rock-based core vocabulary.

Lick of the week no. 36 - Country lick A7 by Hamo Salihbegovic
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