2nd Omis Guitar Fest - 5th-10th April 2011
After a successful debut in 2010, a small Dalmatian town is putting on a bigger and better event this year.
Lick of the week no. 14 - Legato in A
For this weeks' "Lick of the Week" I chose a mixture of techniques that can be used over an A7 backing track.
4th Live4guitar competition
Hi everybody. Here is the 4th competition with more cool prizes and quite simple backing track suitable for any style of playing. This backing track was created by David Wallimann who runs guitarplayback.com. This website will give bundle of 100 backing tracks for the 2nd place. 1st place will get SKYVOX (2 channels overdrive pedal) exclusively hand made for this competition, and the 3rd place will get Korg CA 40 chromatic tuner plus a very useful book "The guitarist's guide to set-up and maintenance". All 3 will get Live4guitar t-shirt as always.
Live4guitar Marketplace Update - Instant $50 payout for the next 100 guitar lessons

Attention all guitar instructors.

For the next 100 new guitar lesson uploads we are offering a $50 bonus per lesson payable immediately upon publishing.

Lick of the week no. 13 - Country in G
This time I have a country lick in G for you. It is actually 2 licks played together making a full phrase of 4 bars.

Harmony and theory bible (part 8) - Lydian Mode
Welcome to my Harmony and Theory Bible series.

These articles will aim to teach you how to approach theory and harmony,in a fun and creative way. Here you will find everything from beginners' areas like intervals, chords, scale construction and modes, to more complex harmony analysis and soloing approaches. Whether you are total beginner or somebody looking to recap on some knowledge, this is the place for you.

In today’s article we are focusing on the 4th mode of the major scale – Lydian mode
Live4guitar marketplace update - MoneyBookers is ready
Hi everyone. For all of you who got in touch requesting more options for handling money matters we have some good news. We have just completed the integration of MoneyBookers as an additional payment method for purchasing guitar lessons.
Diary of a repair man - Fender Performer
The Performer is a very unique model, made for one year only (1985-86), and was built in Japan. It was introduced in the transition period from the CBS owned Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company to the new privately owned Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. The unusual body and headstock shapes are rumored to have originated in the shape of the scrap wood leftover from making Japanese Strats. The design of the body horns is clearly based on the flat portion of the back of the Stratocaster body.
Interview with David Wallimann
Anyone browsing the internet looking for anything to do with guitars would have come across this name - David Wallimann. His distinctive sense of humour immediately captures the audience promising an entertaining session. But make no mistake; this guy is as serious as they get. His accomplishments when it comes to guitar skill, composing music or teaching guitar speak for themselves. He is a recognised recording artist, guitar instructor with over 200 guitar lessons under his belt, 4000 subscribers on YouTube and he runs a successful website offering backing tracks to public. So why is this man so much in your face? Let’s find out...


GUITAR ART EXPO is upon us. The capital of Serbia is hosting this unique event aimed at guitar lovers that is taking place in Hotel Continental, Belgrade, between 10th and 13th February. We’ll get the chance to see guitar manufacturers, guitar builders, distributors, publishers and many guitar related exhibitors all under one roof.
Lick of the week no. 36 - Country lick A7 by Hamo Salihbegovic
Lick of the week
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