Irene Ketikidi

Irene Ketikidi
Irene Ketikidi is a guitar player and qualified teacher. Born in Greece, she began playing at the age of fifteen. She attended the Berklee International Network partner school in Athens, until 2007 when she relocated to London to study for a degree at the prestigious London Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. She graduated three years later and is now working as a full-time musician. As a teacher, Irene specialises in advanced rock techniques and contemporary blues/funk styles. In 2010, she wrote a modern rock course for the International Guitar Foundation and also delivered a guitar clinic on creative improvisational approaches. She is currently recording her personal album, due to be released next year.

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Lick of the week no. 31 - Rambler solo - Lick #3 (excerpt from full guitar lesson)

This lick is taken from my lesson “Rock phrasing and key modulations - Rambler solo”. With a modulation from D Dorian to F# Lydian, it features some cool alternate picking and sweeping ideas.

Lick of the week no. 24 - Paul Gilbert Style Pentatonic

Hello and welcome to my first free lick of the week, taken from my complete lesson “Extended pentatonic licks”. This one is in the key of Em pentatonic and is in the style of Paul Gilbert, featuring combined picking and legato and using extended pentatonic shapes. Remember to warm up properly, as this will require stretch fingerings on your left hand.


Interview with Greg Howe
Greg Howe is one of the most influential players in the world of modern guitar. Having received huge attention with his first self-titled album from Shrapnel Records in 1988 and setting new standards for instrumental guitar with “Introspection” in the early 90s, he has continued to release astounding solo guitar records, featuring his unique rock-fusion tone, incredible technique and intricate rhythms. At the same time, he has recorded and toured with numerous artists in the rock, fusion and pop world, including Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Richie Kotzen, Dennis Chambers and Victor Wooten. We caught up with him a few weeks after his amazing masterclass at the Guitar Institute in London.
Interview with Anthimos Manti
Anthimos Manti is one of Greece’s top rock/shred guitar players, having worked alongside many established musicians and with two solo releases under his belt. His latest album “Time to Turn”, a blend of funk, rock and shred guitar with catchy melodies, has received excellent reviews so far. We caught up with him shortly after his performance as the support act for Paul Gilbert…
Lick of the week no. 36 - Country lick A7 by Hamo Salihbegovic
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