Besim has been playing guitar for more than 20 years. Despite classical music education he never managed to master the instrument. Contented with strumming and laid back soloing he never found the time or the need to progress further (textbook example of “pick in the wallet” syndrome). This did not dilute his interest and enthusiasm for guitar. He has been trying to keep his numerous contributions anonymous to avoid “toning down” the contributors calibre. But now due to the popular demand he finally agreed to revile his identity, and promised to start practising again. He also hopes that this move will encourage others to get involved.

What do you do in London on a normal Thursday evening?

You sit at home and watch Eastenders, or you go down the pub for a pint or two... or you go spend FIVE HOURS with RON “BUMBLEFOOT” THAL in a house-party-like atmosphere where he chats with you, laughs with you, plays to you and jams with you for five short hours.

Hmm... I’d go for a pint, I think.


Interview with Nili Brosh

Nili Brosh hardly needs an introduction.

For those who haven’t yet seen any of the YouTube videos or numerous posts in both real and virtual press, let’s just say... Good morning. You have just awakened from a long, long sleep...

For the rest of us, let’s try to find out a little more about some less obvious aspects of this young rising star.

Interview with Nita Strauss - Guitarist of Iron Maidens and Consume The Fire

We are all used to seeing gorgeous girls posing with beautifully crafted, highly polished guitars on advertising posters and magazine covers. No doubt these are nice to look at, but do we expect these babes to be able to play? Perhaps not. Would we even give them time of the day?


Enter Nita Strauss...

Not only does this girl have the looks and the moves, but she has the skill and the acumen to make it, in what is almost exclusively, the man’s world.

Interview with Tom Richardson

"Tom, outstanding guitar playing for only being 18 years old. You've got a bright future ahead of you!" - Derryl Gabel 

“Incredible playing and sophistication. Tom is the one to watch for the future of Fusion Guitar” - Tom Quayle

“Teen Guitar God” - Total Guitar Magazine

These are some of the comments levelled at this young Northerner who never fails to impress with his guitar skills.

5 years after he picked up a guitar, at the tender age of 14, a video of an unaccompanied solo he performed at his school was featured in the “Best of YouTube” section in Total Guitar Magazine praising his playing.

I was curious to find out more about him.

Interview with David Wallimann
Anyone browsing the internet looking for anything to do with guitars would have come across this name - David Wallimann. His distinctive sense of humour immediately captures the audience promising an entertaining session. But make no mistake; this guy is as serious as they get. His accomplishments when it comes to guitar skill, composing music or teaching guitar speak for themselves. He is a recognised recording artist, guitar instructor with over 200 guitar lessons under his belt, 4000 subscribers on YouTube and he runs a successful website offering backing tracks to public. So why is this man so much in your face? Let’s find out...


GUITAR ART EXPO is upon us. The capital of Serbia is hosting this unique event aimed at guitar lovers that is taking place in Hotel Continental, Belgrade, between 10th and 13th February. We’ll get the chance to see guitar manufacturers, guitar builders, distributors, publishers and many guitar related exhibitors all under one roof.
Interview with Damjan Pejcinoski - Young Emerging Star
Michael Angelo Batio: “Damjan is quite possibly the best new guitar talent I have seen and heard. He has absolutely amazing technique and plays with confidence and maturity. He is definitely one of the new, young emerging guitar stars.”

Comments like these you don’t hear that often. And when you do, you take notice. So, let’s find out from the man himself what it means to him to be afforded such praise, whether he takes it as a burden or as an encouragement, and what consequences it has for his career.

Who Is Laurie Monk?

Who Is Laurie Monk?
Live4guitar launched in early August 2010 by a handful of guitar enthusiasts who decided to come out and tell the world about their passion for guitar. They were hoping that others would join them, so their voice would become stronger, louder and further reaching. To their surprise, a shout became a roar not least thanks to the utterly unexpected attention of the greatest champion of guitar mastery – Laurie Monk from

Laurie kept an eye on our activities from day one and finally at our first live event we got to meet him in person. He kindly agreed to tell us a little about himself.
Live4guitar's first live event, truly a night to remember! The event happened at a stylish London venue in the best possible style: some face to face chat, a bit of live music, a few drinks... and of course, the announcement of the new website.
Contrary to a convention that one should be fashionably late, everyone was unfashionably early. The atmosphere was incredibly calm and laid back (as if a large family had got together!) although most people hadn't met each another before. It was so good to put names to all those faces. There was quite a high calibre of skill and talent in the room, but what struck me was that there was no “sizing up”, grouping or pretence of any kind.
INTERVIEW with DAMIR PUH,<br/>The Winner of the First Live4guitar Competition
The first Live4guitar competition has finished and here we have our winner. He is a young gigging and recording artist and guitar instructor based in Macedonia.
We were delighted to be able to ask him a few questions. This is what he had to say...
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