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We have some good news. Now there is a new category at The Guitar Lesson Marketplace. After receiving countless enquiries, both from students and prospective instructors, we decided that free guitar lessons should be made available at the marketplace. Although the idea of free video lessons is not new at Live4guitar, It made sense to group all video lessons in one place.





Free video lessons currently available for download at the marketplace are in fact previously published licks from the “Lick of the week” series. These are videos of educational material covering different subjects. They contain similar type of information as regular lessons albeit, a little shorter.

Free guitar lessons -


The benefit of having them available in the same place as regular lessons is that it is now easier to cross-reference.

This now gives students the opportunity to sample the material that they are interested in, clarifying the jargon used in lesson description.

It also helps new and prospective instructors who are unclear about the format and quality standard of the lessons they are expected to upload.

Free lessons are not going to be limited to short licks, but will include other and more comprehensive material.

We will of course continue to publish licks in the Lick of the week category, as they are a valuable resource, and not always provided by Live4guitar instructors.

We hope this helps. We thank you all for your comments and suggestions. Keep them coming.

And stay tuned... there are more new and exciting features coming... Until then, rock on. \m/