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Hi Everyone.

This time I have a gypsy jazz lick for you. If you like Django Reinhardt style then get your acoustic guitar and and have fun.





This lick introduces some common but interesting gypsy jazz lines when phrasing. When soloing, I am actually mostly arpeggiating the chords in the background and creating interesting lines. This style uses a lot of 6th chords so my lines and arpeggios almost always have that note included in a run. Check out the chord chart for the reference and tab where I wrote where every chord occurs.

Gypsy jazz style has an interesting picking approach. The pick should be really thick and the right hand positioned as close to the bridge as possible. That's how you get that punchy sound. Do not palm mute anything. Just relax your right hand and make it almost float in the air.

Have fun.


Normal speed


Slow speed


Gypsy Jazz Chords


Download full speed backing track

Download slow speed backing track

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