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This lick is taken from my lesson “Rock phrasing and key modulations - Rambler solo”. With a modulation from D Dorian to F# Lydian, it features some cool alternate picking and sweeping ideas.







The lick combines alternate picking and sweeping, so make sure that you break down the two bits and practise them separately as the right hand positions is slightly different for executing the two different techniques.

The whammy bar comes in right between the these two phrases, so make sure you grab it firmly and quickly to dive, then release it in time to continue with the sweep run.

Have fun!


Normal speed


Slow speed



Download full speed backing track - 130bpm

Download slow speed backing track - 100bpm

Download PDF tab

Download Guitar Pro 5 tab


irene ketikidi - rambler lick


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Rock phrasing and key modulations - Rambler solo