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Hi guys. This is my first post on this website and I am giving you a free "Lick of the Week" which includes 4 rock/blues licks that every guitarist should know. I hope you'll enjoy it.







Lick 1: 5 beats. Incorporates classic bending style in triplets by picking up-strokes. Start with bending full step up F# on the 11th fret on the G string, and release the bend slowly down further  per each new note. There are 7 notes here, before the final release down to natural F# , so make sure you have 6 different sounding notes before you hit the F#, or at least 4 different notes for this chromatic effect. Add vibrato on the last E note.

Lick2: On the third beat we have some intervalic/chordal approach here (F# and E major chords). The first note in this lick is the bend full step up with vibrato, so two birds with one stone. For beginners this might be harder than it looks - do the bend first, and then apply vibrato while holding the bend up. It is really important to follow the picking marks in the TAB/PDF score - it will make your life easier ;-)

Lick 3: This is classic blues lick. The trick is to do the bend with only one finger. Bend the first note F# with the second finger up to G#, picking downstrokes. Now, with the first finger play the regular G# strumming upstrokes, but this time on the second string. The last two notes - simple legatto (pull-off)  B to G#. Picking patterns marked in the score are also very crucial here.

Lick 4: Here I am using chromatic approach to blend another classic Blues lick to the realm of Rock. I'm doing this by incorporating sixteen note sixtoplets - note the number six numerology here ;-) For beginners this will be speed limit breaking lick, and for intermediates great speed review exercise. Boost your speed and accuracy here with chromatic pentatonic lick with alternate picking.


Thats it folks -> Rock Hard


Normal speed


Slow speed - 2 angles


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