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Hi everybody - I'm back with another legato/tapping lick, this time using A minor pentatonic. Although quite a 'vanilla' sounding scale, the idea is to create an interesting effect using the legato/tapping technique.






Make sure you keep the volume of the notes consistant and try not to rely too much on loads of gain. There are some big stretches in this lick to watch out for, mainly in the beginning, so start-off slow and make sure you're not getting any pain or discomfort. Once you're comfortable with playing it slowly you can work on playing it at higher speeds.

This lick was heavily influenced by one of my favourite guitarists, Richie Kotzen, who you should definitely checkout if you haven't heard of him already. He's a master at making pentatonics sound great, as well as being a master at several other things musical.

We've included a jam-track for you to play along to which you can download at the bottom of the page. We should have a lesson up on the Marketplace soon which will contain similar content to this lick, all in the style of Richie Kotzen, so look out for that within the coming weeks.

Above all else, have fun and Live4Guitar!



Full Speed


Slow Speed


Download jam track

Download Guitar Pro 5 tab

Download PDF tab