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The lick here is a Fusion lick that makes use of several techniques over a G Minor backing track.

The main techniques used include economy picking and legato.






The lick starts with a descending arpeggio idea. I play this using economy picking (see tab for exact picking directions) and to play the second string skipped note at the 14th fret of the 3rd string, hybrid picking is used. In the second bar there is a long run using economy picking again which creates a fluid sound. There are some big stretches here, as well as the use of 4 note per string shapes in the 3rd bar, so make sure you are warmed up properly before playing it to avoid any injury. The 4th bar finishes with a line built from G Melodic Minor and finishes on the G on the 6th string.


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Normal speed

Slow speed

Download full speed backing - jam track

Download slow speed backing - jam track

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Download GP5 tab

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