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Welcome to part three of our series on creating a professional guitar video. In this instalment we will take you through everything you'll need to know to move through the actual video capture. We'll look at camera types, and recommend some you can pick up. We'll also talk about lighting, backdrops and how we actually shot our lick of the week, so read on.





Here are links to the cameras mentioned in the video - If you shop around you will be able to find a bargain on these.

Sanyo Xacti VPC HD700

Sony HDRCX130EB HandyCam

Panasonic SD600

I cant stress how important the backdrop is, You will have seen many videos on youtube without one, and they're absolutely fine, serving a purpose. What you need to understand is that teaching is about conveying information from one person to another. Doing it via video makes that job harder as you dont have that one on one setup where you can interact with the student and give feedback - your goal is to make your material as clear as possible - your video should reflect this. What we want is an image of you, and just you. Not your bedroom, with your dog walking around in the background. All this will do is take focus away from you, and you don't want that. This thought process could be applied to videos of you jamming too if you really want to have the most effective videos possible.

So the next thing we should talk about is the lighting, in the video I mention 2 point lighting, this is done with two very simple desk lamps with very bright bulbs. I learnt everything (not all that much) on lighting from the following video as it's a great demonstration of how effective ligting can be. Check it out and do some experimenting. If you're teaching you want you product to look as professional as possible, this is the difference between a Lick Library video and some kid teaching from a webcam on Youtube.

In the final installment of this video series, Emir and I will take you through the editing process, where we will synch the audio to the video and add some additional video effects to make our videos just pop out a little more.

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