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There are many things in this life that have changed the world, for our generation the internet and, more specifically, Youtube have completely altered the way guitar players can expose and market themselves.

I'm sure you've seen plenty, all you need to do is watch the responses to competitions and you can divide them into two camps - professional and DIY.

In this series we'll be showing you how to make a video which will help you to stand out from the crowd.



Of course, this is no small task and there's no way we could cover this in a single video, but fear not as there will be plenty more to come. What I would say is that you should follow these steps carefully - you'll have a much better shot at creating the finished product if you really digest part one and make sure you can tick all the boxes.


Below I've included a list of all of the items mentioned in the video, there are costly options and free alternatives, so look into what each product offers and drop us a comment below if you need any advice on your own setup.




Audacity (free)


Notation Software

Guitar Pro

Powertab (free)

TuxGuitar (free)



Presonus (comes with free DAW)

Line 6 UX1



Universal Asio driver

Asio4all (free)

How to create a professional guitar video - Part 2