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Hi there. Our old visitors probably remember that we used to make downloadable bundle every time we collect 10 new licks. At that time free guitar lesson section on our Marketplace didn't exist so we used to leave 10 licks bundle on our blog in one huge zip file. It now makes more sense to have a place where you can always come back to choose and download plenty of free stuff. If you've missed any of these, the links are here. Enjoy!




Free download links:

Damjan Pejcinoski - Country Lick in A

Theo Milne Picken - Emil Werstler Style Lick

Philip Braithwaite - String Skipping/Tapping

Irene Ketikidi - Paul Gilbert Style Pentatonic

Marko Pavic - Ride 'n Run

Tim Carter - Dorian Outside Funk

Emir Hot - Robben Ford Style Blues in C

Tom Richardson - D Phrygian Dominant Fusion Lick

Daddo Oreskovich - 4 Cool Rock/Blues Licks (Every guitarist should know)

Martin Goulding - On the Beach


If you've missed our previous lick bundles you can find them here:


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